Watch out! A New Must-Watch Television Show will be released in September

There is a new fantasy television show that will be released on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is a television streaming service that is owned by the company named Amazon.

This television show is named The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. This television show is set after The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will not showcase the older characters from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. There will be a whole new ensemble cast of characters on the television show.

This is what Amazon Prime Video said about this new television show: “Beginning in a time of relative peace, we follow an ensemble cast of characters as they confront the re-emergence of evil to Middle-earth. From the darkest depths of the Misty Mountains, to the majestic forests of Lindon, to the breathtaking island kingdom of Númenor, to the furthest reaches of the map, these kingdoms and characters will carve out legacies that live on long after they are gone.”

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will be released on September 2022. If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings movies or books, then, you should look out for this television show.

The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is based-off of a book series of the same name. The book series is written by a man named J.R.R. Tolkien. It is a well-known and well-loved book series by many fantasy fans.

I am eager to watch this television series when it comes out on Amazon Prime Video this up-coming September.

Luca Lane

Review: Midnight in Paris (2011)


I really enjoyed the movie, “Midnight in Paris.” It was a surprise hit that was whimsical, thoughtful, and different than most movies out there.

“Midnight in Paris” is about a man named Gil (Gilbert) Pender. Gil is in Paris, France with his fiancé. The two spend the days in Paris enjoying the city and planning the two’s wedding. Gil is a writer. He finds Paris to be a beautiful place that inspires him. He falls in love with the romance, the sentiment, and love in the City of Lights.

One evening Gil is by himself as he walks through the empty streets of Paris. Somehow, he walks into a party… a party that is set in a different time. At the party, Gil meets great creative minds of the 1920’s. He meets the writer named F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife. Fitzgerald’s wife is named Zelda Fitzgerald. F. Scott Fitzgerald is known for writing the wonderful classic book named The Great Gatsby.

Gil also meets Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway is a thoughtful and a serious man. Hemingway is famous for writing famous novels like The Sun Also Rises.

Finally, he meets Pablo Picasso, the painter.

Gil tries to take his fiancé through the doorway to the past, but the world is lost to her. Gil goes back to the same street one night after the next to visit with the great minds he has met. He goes to learn from them, to party with them, and to enjoy the sights of Paris.

At one of the parties he meets an alluring girl named Adriana. Adriana is different than his fiancé. Gil must grapple with the question: “Should he stay with his fiancé or pursue something with someone that he may never see again?”

In the end, Gil is changed by his experience with the great thinkers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. His whole life changes and moves toward a different direction than the one he planned because of his time spent in the past.

The movie, “Midnight in Paris,” was sentimental and filled with whimsy. I found myself falling in love with Paris by seeing the city through Gil’s eyes.

This movie is up there on my list of great movies that are set in foreign locations. I give this movie a 5-star rating.

Luca Lane

Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)


I went to the movie theaters this week and saw a great movie. I watched the movie, “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” I really enjoyed this movie more than the other Spider-Man movies in the different Spider-Man movie franchises.

This movie is a sequel to the two Spider-Man movies where Tom Holland is Spider-Man. The two earlier movies are named, “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” and, “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” In this movie, Tom Holland’s character must deal with the fact that the world knows his true identity… the world knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

In the midst of this drama Peter Parker and his two friends, M.J. (who’s full name we discover is Michelle Jones-Watson), and Ned wait for the three’s college acceptance (or rejection) letters. Peter Parker must deal with the drama from his normal life while he balances things in his Spider-Man world.

Peter decides to go to his Avenger’s teammate, Doctor Strange, to see if the man can cast a spell that will make the entire world forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. The spell has lasting consequences.

In this movie, Peter Parker must deal with a number of new enemies… and some new friends, too.

This movie was great because of the new characters. The action scenes are also amazing to watch. There is a great balance between emotional scenes, action, and plot in this movie.

Tom Holland is my favorite actor to play Spider-Man. He is funny, earnest, and also brave and strong. I hope that there are more Spider-Man sequels that showcase this actor.

I give this movie a 5-star rating. I loved it.

Luca Lane

Review: The Holiday (2006)


This is the perfect time of year for a holiday movie. In fact, it is a perfect time of year for the movie named, “The Holiday.”

“The Holiday” stars two big-name actresses. Kate Winslet is the woman named, “Iris.” Camren Diaz plays the character named, “Amanda Woods.” “Iris” and “Amanda Woods” face a difficult Christmas. “Iris” is in-love with a man who was just engaged. The two were once a couple but broke-it-off years ago. “Amanda” just threw out her long-time boyfriend. The two are looking for an escape from the women’s love-lorn lives.

“Amanda” goes on-line on a website where you have the option of switching houses with another woman for your vacation. That is how she first contacts “Iris.”

“Iris” and “Amanda” decide to switch homes. “Iris” takes The Holiday off in the warm and the sunny city of Los Angeles. “Amanda” takes a break in a cold and a snowy hamlet in England.

“Iris” meets a man that knows “Amanda” in Los Angeles. “Amanda” meets “Iris'” brother when he knocks on her door late one evening. The two women learn to love again in the women’s new and different surroundings.

The Holiday is a sweet and a romantic movie about going out there and taking a chance. It is about finding love in un-likely places. It is about letting your heart lead you.

This movie was great to watch. “Iris” and “Amanda” are two very different women. Kate Winslet is sweet and kind as “Iris.” Cameron Diaz is bright and shining as “Amanda.”

I give this movie a 5-star rating. It is a good movie for anyone who wants to watch a sweet and a romantic holiday movie at this time of year.

Luca Lane

The Top 5 Best Doctor Who Christmas Specials

Doctor Who is a fun and a campy television series that originates from England. The show is about an alien “Time-Lord” named simply, “The Doctor.” This “Time-Lord” looks like a normal human. However, he is anything but that. He is smart. He is resourceful. He is able to stop the End of the World with nothing more than a jammy dodger cookie hidden in his pocket.

Doctor Who is a popular television show in England. It also found a new group of fans in America. The television show began years ago in the year 1963. The show was back on air in the year 2005 with even more heart and creativity than the original show.

One of the best things about the Doctor Who television series are the Christmas Specials that are typically broadcasted on the BBC network on Christmas Day. There are a number of great Doctor Who Christmas Specials that were made since the show began once again.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Christmas Specials in the “Doctor Who” television series:

  1. The Christmas Invasion” | Season 2

The Doctor Who Christmas Special that is named “The Christmas Invasion” is an iconic episode in the line-up. It is easily one of the most popular Doctor Who Christmas Specials of them all.

“The Christmas Invasion” is known for show-casing the second “Doctor” in the new series. David Tennant plays the newest “Doctor.”

In this Christmas Special, “The Doctor” is out of commission. He is in the middle of re-generating into his new self. “The Doctor” is from an alien species known as a “Time-Lord.” When The Doctor is on the point of dying he can re-generate into a new version of himself. This new version of himself is an entirely different man. He has a new personality. He has new idiosyncrasies. The fans must get to know the new Doctor once his re-generation is complete.

In this episode, the popular Companion of “The Doctor” named Rose Tyler must man-the-helm as “The Doctor” re-generates. However, once “The Doctor” is back on his feet, he is in command as usual. “The Doctor” only has a limited amount of time to save the world, and he does so in his typical style.

“The Christmas Invasion” is my favorite Doctor Who Christmas Special of the bunch. It is definitely a well-loved episode for many Doctor Who fans.

2. “The Snowmen” | Season 7

One of the best episodes on the Christmas Special line-up is named “The Snowmen.” “The Snowmen” stars “The Doctor” who is played by the actor Matt Smith. In this episode, “The Doctor” runs into a woman named Clara Oswald. Jenna Coleman is Clara Oswald.

In “The Snowmen,” Matt Smith runs into a barmaid in the streets of Victorian London. Oddly enough, she looks exactly like someone that “The Doctor” has run into before. “The Doctor” leaves this episode with many questions in mind. Who is Clara Oswald? How can she be alive in Victorian London when he met this same woman in the future at another point in time? This episode is great because it begins a new story-line about one of “The Doctor’s” future companions named Clara Oswin Oswald.

3. “A Christmas Carol” | Season 6

“A Christmas Carol” is a great take on an old Christmas story. In this episode, “The Doctor” played by Matt Smith must convince a rich old man that he must use his machine to stop a flying spaceship from crashing onto Earth. However, the man refuses.

“The Doctor” travels back-and-forth through time to figure-out how to convince this man to stop the future spaceship from crashing onto Earth. He visits the man when he is a young boy and he discovers that the boy was once in-love with a woman that is frozen in a cryogenic chamber by the man’s father.

“The Doctor” tries to change this man. He also tries to save the frozen woman. Is he able to do so? You will have to check-it-out to see.

4. “The Last Christmas” | Season 9

“The Last Christmas” is a complex and intricate Christmas Special. The episode begins as “The Doctor” and his Companion, Clara, run into a figment-of-imagination. He runs into Santa Claus.

“The Doctor” knows that Santa Claus is not real. But why is he standing right in front of him?

“The Doctor” uncovers the truth. However, it seems that Clara Oswald is fallen collateral. “The Doctor” checks-up on Clara in the future and discovers that she is sixty-two-years-old. She has lived a long and a full life… without “The Doctor” or his many adventures.

Is it time for “The Doctor” to say good-bye to Clara forever? Or is there a way that he can change things before he loses Clara forever?

5. “The Next Doctor” | Season 4

The last episode on this list is named “The Next Doctor.” Once again, “The Doctor” is back in Victorian London. And once again, he must deal with one of his oldest nemesis… the Cybermen.

On this adventure, “The Doctor” runs into a strange man. This man is smart and resourceful like “The Doctor” himself. Could this man be another re-generation of “The Doctor?” “The Doctor” himself is unsure.

David Tennant is “The Doctor” in this episode. He does a great job showing “The Doctor’s” confusion and trepidation when he meets this new man who may be another version of himself.

Doctor Who is a fun television series that you can enjoy with your family. It is sometimes light-hearted… and sometimes serious. The Christmas Specials are great stand-alone episodes that I think you can enjoy without knowing too much about the BBC channel television series. If you have never seen this television show before, then, you should check-it-out with your family.

Luca Lane

Review: King Richard (2021)


The movie, King Richard, is about Venus and Serena Williams’ father named Richard Williams. It is also about Venus’s rise to fame as one of the greatest tennis stars in the open era.

Venus, Serena, and Richard Williams are from the streets of Compton, Los Angeles. The family is tight-knit. They have to be… because Richard Williams has a dream. His dream is to see his two daughters, Venus and Serena Williams, succeed and become pros in the world of tennis.

Richard Williams is a wacky character. Richard Williams is the person that pushed Venus and Serena Williams forward in tennis. He is determined, opinionated, and persistent. Will Smith does a great job portraying Richard Williams. He shows-off Richard Williams’ funny personality while also show-casing Richard Williams’ determination.

The movie also show-cases Venus Williams as she climbs to the top. The movie focuses more on Venus Williams’ rise to fame rather than Serena Williams’ success at tennis. The actress named Saniyya Sidney does a great job being Venus Williams.

The movie, King Richard, is a great look at a family that struggles to leave the rough streets of Compton because of a dream. It is a great inspirational movie for any African-Americans out there. It is also a good movie to watch if you are a tennis fan.

I enjoyed this movie. Will Smith is a versatile actor that played this movie role in a different way than any other movies he has done. Will Smith portrayed Richard Williams in a funny-yet-charismatic way. I think he did a great job.

I give this movie a 4-star rating.

Luca Lane

Television Review: Brave New World (2021)


Have you gotten tired of watching and re-watching the dark-topia television show named The Handmaid’s Tale? Well, here’s another dark-topia show for you to sink your teeth into. This new telvision show is named Brave New World. It is available on the Peacock television streaming service.

Brave New World is about a strange and a futuristic place named “New London.” In “New London” everyone is happy. Everyone belongs to everyone else. Privacy is a myth.

Everyone in “New London” is divided-up into categories. There are the Alpha+, Alphas, and Alphas-. There are the Beta+, the Betas, and the Beta-. Finally, there are the Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons.

In “New London,” everyone knows their place. Everyone knows where they belong.

And all you need to boost your spirits is a soma.

In this new world monogamy is a mythic ritual of the “savages.” Everyone in “New London” is expected to sleep with as many people as possible. In fact, it is looked down upon to sleep with the same person more than once.

The two characters, Bernard Marx and Lenina Crown, are a part of this world. However, their perspective is altered when they meet a “savage.” The “savage” is named John. He lives in the old world that is foreign to Marx and Crown. Can he influence the two enough in the world of “New London” to change things forever?

Brave New World is another ground-breaking dark-topia television show like The Handmaid’s Tale. However, it is not as dark as that Hulu television show. It was originally a book of the same name. The book, Brave New World, is written by Aldous Huxley.

I enjoyed this great and intriguing new television show. There are only nine episodes in its first season. However, the show made me ache for more. I hope more seasons are forthcoming.

Do I need to say it? I give Brave New World a 5-star rating.

Luca Lane

Here are some great Thanksgiving movies to check-out

How was your bird, stuffing, and cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving? Are you ready to put your feet up to watch something great on television? If that is the case, then, this is the Thanksgiving movie list for you to enjoy. Down below are four great Thanksgiving movies. These movies are all varied and unique. However, there is something special about each and every one of them. Check-out out the list below:

  1. The Blind Side

The movie named “The Blind Side” is a wonderful family movie for everyone. The movie is about a woman named Leigh Anne Tuohy and Michael Oher. Leigh Anne Tuohy is a football-lover. One day she spies a tall boy walking down the road. This boy is homeless. Leigh Anne Tuohy welcomes Michael into her home and into her heart. Leigh Anne Tuohy pushes Michael toward football. In time, Michael joins his local football team… and in time, Michael is scouted and joins the NFL.

This movie is a feel-good movie that will get you to believe in everyday miracles that people can do for each other. There is a great scene where Leigh Anne has a Thanksgiving meal with her family and Michael. It is a funny and heart-warming clip to watch.

2. Sweet November

The next movie that I want to talk about is a sweet and a sad romantic movie. In this movie, a man named Nelson Moss meets someone named Sarah. Sarah is a whirl-wind. She is spontaneous. She is erratic. She is wild. Nelson Moss and Sarah come to an agreement. The two decide that they should date one another. However, the two decide that they will only date for just one month… the month of November.

Sarah draws Nelson Moss in… but she hides a secret that changes the two’s relationship forever.

Sweet November is a romance movie that I think couples will love to watch with one another. You just need to remember the tissue box.

3. Pieces of April

The movie named Pieces of April is about a woman named April. April struggles to create a Thanksgiving dinner that will impress her parents. April has a difficult relationship with her family. She hopes that they will come together to enjoy the American holiday, Thanksgiving, with one another.

Pieces of April is a sleeper-hit. It is a relatively unknown movie. However, it is an interesting type of movie. Pieces of April shows you April as she tries to make Thanksgiving dinner for her family… It also shows the kindness and generosity of her neighbors.

4. The New World

The final movie that I want to talk about is the movie that is named The New World. The New World is a fitting movie to watch this holiday because it is about how the Indians of America met new Puritan settlers when they arrived to this new land. This movie focuses on the Puritan settler named John Smith.

John Smith meets a beautiful and alluring Indian woman named Pocahontas. The two are different from one another. But they find love within each other despite their differences.

The New World is a slow movie. However, it also has an atmospheric and dream-y quality that makes it unique from any other movie out there.

I hope you enjoy these movies this holiday season. My favorite movies in the bunch are the movies named Pieces of April and The New World. You should give these movies a chance this Thanksgiving. You might be surprised at what you get.

Luca Lane

Review: “Eternals” (2021)


The movie named “Eternals” was an amazing adventure. “Eternals” is about a group of super-heroes that have laid dormant for thousands of years. The super-heroes’ sole purpose is to defeat their enemy. Their enemy is a type of monster named the “Deviants.” The “Eternals” must defeat their enemy… but they must not interfere with the lives and the struggles of humanity.

The “Eternals” is a movie with a huge cast of characters. There is Ceresi, Icarus, Ajak, Gilgamesh, Phastos, Makkari, Sprite, Druig, Kingo, and Thena. The “Eternals” must come together after thousands of years apart to defeat their enemy.

The “Eternals” journey begins when Ceresi first spies a “Deviant.” It is the first “Deviant” that she has seen in thousands of years. She needs to get the group of super-heroes together because of this encounter. That is the beginning of a long journey to figure-out the “Eternals” true origins and their true purpose on Earth.

The cast of characters are all well-thought-out and are all bigger-than-life. Each character has his or her own backstory. They have their own personalities. They have their own interests. They have their own intentions. Even though there is a long list of characters to focus on in the movie you still feel like you know the “Eternals” and who they are.

Another great part of this movie are the flashback scenes that show the “Eternals” when they interacted with humans from thousands of years ago. The flashback scenes add a depth and a layer to the movie. You see the “Eternals” as they struggle to fit-in with humanity… without interfering with humans. Sometimes some of the “Eternals” struggle to follow this principle.

The action scenes in this movie are great. The “Eternals” is a movie with great fighting scenes. It was great to see the “Eternals” as they used their powers and showed-off their strength.

This movie was really enjoyable. I had a great time in the movie theater watching it.

I give this movie a 5-star rating.

Another great thing about this movie is the fact that ending leaves things open. There is room for another “Eternals” movie… and if there is one I will definitely be in the movie theater to check-it-out.

You should, too.

Luca Lane