Review: Looking for Alaska (2019)

Looking for Alaska (2019) is a new television series on Hulu. It is something that I think that many people will enjoy if they give the television show a chance. Looking for Alaska is about a boy named Miles Halter. Miles decides to attend Culver Creek prep school to, “find his Great Perhaps.” He wants to figure-it-out.

When Miles goes to Culver Creek he meets a new circle-of-friends. He meets Chip Martin who is nick-named The Colonel. He meets the guy-who-knows-everything, Takumi. Last, but certainly not least, he meets the girl named Alaska Young.

Looking for Alaska is about growing up. It’s about friendship. It’s about love.

Finally, it’s about Alaska.

Something devastating happens to Alaska that shakes-up Culver Creek. It changes everything for Miles and his circle-of-friends. It changes them completely.

Looking for Alaska is a crazy ride. You laugh, you cry and you feel a lot of deep emotions when you watch the television show. You should watch this television show if you want something to watch that is touching and emotional. Check it out on Hulu when you get the chance.

All right. That’s it for now. I’ll see you later.

Until next time…

Luca Lane

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