Review: Waiting (2005)

I loved the newest movie that I watched, Waiting (2005). Waiting is a great comedy. Waiting is about a group of friends who work at a restaurant as waiters and waitresses. The main character of the show, Monty, is the head-waiter who teaches a new trainee the ropes. Monty shows the new kid all the ins-and-outs of the restaurant, Shenanigans. He teaches the kid everything… even about a weird game that the waiters and waitresses play on each other.

The stand-out character in this movie is Monty. Monty is played by the actor and the comedian named Ryan Reynolds. He is equal parts funny, equal parts boyish and equal parts charismatic. There are other parts of the movie that are great. For example, the movie talks about specific restaurant etiquette and makes fun of it. For instance, you shouldn’t make your hostess mad… she will give you bad clients for your section of the restaurant. You also should know that some Europeans may not know how to tip… so be warned. Finally, you need to know that you should treat waiters and waitresses with kindness and respect… or else you’ll get more than what you except in your next meal.

The entire movie is laugh-out-loud funny. Waiting is a great movie to watch with your friends. However, it is not for younger viewers. You should keep it away from your kids who are under thirteen-years-old.

I hope you enjoyed this review. I’ll post my next review up soon.

Until next time…

Luca Lane

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