Review: The Magicians (2015)

I haven’t done a television review in quite some time. So, I decided to do today’s review on the television series named The Magicians (2015). The Magicians is one of my favorite television shows. The Magicians is about a man named Quentin Coldwater. Quentin is accepted to a magical university named Brakebills.

Quentin has many adventures at Brakebills. He goes through those adventures with his friends. His friends are named Eliot, Margo, Alice, Julia, Penny and Josh. They go through wild rides on the television show. What do I mean? There are gods. There are fairies. There are other realms. There is even back-stabbing, in-fighting and intrigue. There’s always something new going on in the television show. There’s always another magical adventure in store for everyone.

However, the heart of the show is the character, Quentin Coldwater. Quentin is my favorite character on the television show. Quentin is smart, sarcastic, and filled-with-heart. Quentin loves magic. He lives and breathes for magic. He is the center of all the crazy things that happen at Brakebills.

The Magicians is at its fifth season now. It still doesn’t look like the television show will slow down. I love to watch it every Wednesday night. You should give it chance, too.

That’s it for this update. I’ll see you later.

Luca Lane

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