Review: The Social Network (2010)

The movie, The Social Network (2010), is a movie about a man you may-or-may-not be familiar with. The Social Network was a popular movie ten years ago. It is an auto-biographical movie based off of the founder of Facebook. The founder of Facebook is a man named Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerbger battles through different law-suits as he tries to prove that he was the true man with the initial idea behind Facebook. The movie uses flashbacks as a way to show what happened while Zuckerberg was in college at Harvard University. It shows how Zuckerberg talked to two brothers, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who had an idea for a website named The Harvard Connection. The Harvard Connection is oddly similar to Facebook. The Winklevoss’ are adamant that they were behind the idea that led to Facebook. The other law-suit that Zuckerberg faces is a law-suit with his former best-friend and business partner, Eduardo Saverin.

The Social Network is all about Zuckerberg’s climb to the top. It shows how a smart-yet-socially-awkward man makes friends–and enemies. Zuckerberg’s determination to get to the top affects everything that he does. Zuckerberg wants money. Zuckerberg wants status. Zuckerberg wants friends. Does he get all of that? Well, you have to watch the movie to find out.

I enjoyed this movie. However, I found Zuckerberg, played by the actor Jesse, Eisenberg, to be an abrasive guy. Zuckerberg is not painted in a good-light in this movie. He is arrogant. He is rude. He is also extremely chauvinistic.

Despite this, I still enjoyed the movie for its dialogue, its fast-paced style, and its edginess. What do I give this movie? I give this movie an 8/10 rating. This was a good movie regardless of the faults that I found with the character of Mark Zuckerberg.

So, who really thought-up of the idea behind Facebook? You should watch the movie to make your own mind-up.

Luca Lane

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