Review: About Time (2013)

About Time (2013) is a great movie. It was sweet, romantic, and hopeful. About Time is a movie about a man named Tim. One day Tim’s father takes him aside and tells him a huge secret. His father tells Tim that he can go back in time like the other men in the family. Tim is skeptical at first. However, Tim discovers that his father is not lying: the power is real.

Tim goes back in time to change events when he needs to do so. He goes back in time to help out his flatmate who is a play-wright. Tim helps out an actor who forgets his lines on the opening-night of his flatmate’s play. When he goes back in-time he erases something important. He erases his first meeting with a girl named Mary. Tim has to find a creative way to try to meet Mary now that he erased the two’s past together.

Tim goes back in time to change many other things. However, there are some complications with his power. Tim faces limits with his abilities. So, Tim realizes that he has to learn to live. He has to learn that he can not fix everything despite his special ability.

Rachel McAdams plays Tim’s love-interest named Mary. McAdams is endearing and sweet in the movie. I loved her in this film.

Overall, I give this movie a 8/10 rating. I think many people will enjoy it. It is a great movie for a romantic date-night-in with your significant-other.

Luca Lane

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