Feminist films for females (and men can watch them, too)

You may have time on your hands now that the coronavirus pandemic stopped you from getting to work. If you are one of those lucky people who face hours of free-time on your hands, then, I think you should check-out some of these feminist movies.

Let’s start with the basics.

Feminism is a philosophy that says women are equal to men. There are many negative ideas that some people connect with feminism. However, those ideas are wrong. Feminists are not anti-disestablishment protestors. Feminists are not man-hating women. Feminists do not, “hate the patriarchy.” A feminist is simply a person who believes in equality between the two genders.

Now that you know a little more about what feminism is (and what feminism isn’t) we should talk about this movie list. I feel that sometimes it is difficult to find movies with strong feminist themes. These are some of the most entertaining and enjoyable feminist films that I discovered. I think you should take a look at these four movies (and one television show) that I think are stand-out feminist-hits. They are worth it.


  1. Suffragette (2015)

The movie, “Suffragette,”is an iconic feminist movie. “Suffragette,” is a movie about Great Britain’s women’s suffrage movement. The words, “women’s suffrage,” means that people are coming together to change the government so that women get the right to vote… in this case, I mean the suffrage movement in Great Britain.

“Suffragette,” is a movie about a working-class woman who is named Maud Watts. Watts is a laundress. In the movie Watts is swept-up in a women’s suffrage political rally. Watts is sent to jail. When she is in jail she meets other people who are a part of the suffrage movement. A chain of circumstances throws Watts into the path of radical feminism.

The actress named Carey Mulligan plays Maud Watts. Mulligan is a break-out star in this movie role. I think you should definitely give this movie a shot because of Mulligan’s strong acting in the movie.

2. Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

The next movie that I recommend for you to watch is the movie, “Ironed Jawed Angels.” The movie is similar to the movie, “Suffragette.” However, in this movie we follow a woman in America who fights for the right for women to vote. The woman’s name is Alice Paul. Paul must mobilize American men and American women so that they support the passing of The Nineteenth Amendment. The Nineteenth Amendment is the amendment that gives women in America the right to vote.

Paul does many things to change the political landscape so that women’s suffrage is reached in America. She leads strikes. She goes to jail. She goes on a hunger strike. The movie is filled with Paul’s determination and Paul’s bravery.

This movie is a great educational movie for anyone who wants to learn about women’s suffrage in America.

3. Charmed (2018)

Now, I am going to recommend a television show instead of a movie. I want to recommend the television show named, “Charmed.” “Charmed,” is a television show about three sisters who are witches. The three witches are named, “The Charmed Sisters.” They are the strongest witches of their age. The “Charmed Sisters” fight demons, warlocks, and other strange beings to save the day. This movie is a feminist movie because the three women are strong, smart, and feisty women. The sisters overcome many obstacles on a daily-basis–this includes their attempts to balance their witch duties with their normal life. This is an enjoyable television show to watch. I think you will really like it.

4. Hidden Figures (2016)

I want to talk about another great feminist movie named Hidden Figures. Hidden Figures is a movie about three brilliant African-American women named Katherine Goble, Dorothy Vaughn, and Mary Jackson. These three women face a great deal of racism as they work for NASA to calculate the mathematics that will help NASA to launch astronauts into the orbit around the Earth.

Goble is the first African-American woman at The Langley Space Center to be promoted to an elite crew of NASA scientists. However, though she is more-than-competent at her job she still faces racism. For instance, Goble can not use the “White’s Only” bathroom. Goble has to leave the building to travel to a far-off location to be able to use the bathroom marked, “colored-only.”

Vaughn and Jackson are also important characters in this story. Vaughn learns new skills to help to program the new computers at The Langley Space Center. Jackson petitions the court system to be allowed into a “white’s only” engineering class. Jackson hopes to become a NASA engineer if she receives her certificate after completing the engineering class.

Hidden Figures is a great feel-good movie that I think many people will like to watch. You should watch it with your friends and your family when you can.

5. Brooklyn (2015)

The final feminist movie that I will talk about here is the movie named Brooklyn. Brooklyn is about an Irish-immigrant who moves to America in the 1900’s. The immigrant’s name is Ellis Lacey. Lacey faces homesickness. Lacey faces loneliness. Lacey faces worry and she faces fear. Lacey attempts to make America her home when she arrives to Brooklyn, New York. She uses her inner-strength to decide to live in America instead of making the decision to move back to Ireland. Saoirse Ronan plays the main character, Ellis Lacey. Ronan is a great actress that brings to life the narrative of an immigrant from the early 1900’s. The character of Ellis Lacey is strong, stubborn, and loving. She is a great female role-model for women to emulate.

That is all for my movie list. I suggest that you watch all of them. They are great movies that may even teach you something.

Luca Lane

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