Review: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

It has been a while since I enjoyed a movie as much as this one. Crazy Rich Asians is a great movie that is fun and entertaining to watch. Crazy Rich Asians is about an Asian girl named Rachel Chu. Rachel dates a suave, handsome man named Nick Young. Nick takes Rachel back to his home country in Singapore for a wedding. Rachel meets Nick’s rich and affluent family in Singapore.

Rachel does not face a warm welcome in Singapore. The rich world that Nick grew up is a daunting world. Everyone knows everyone. And Rachel is not one of them. Rachel faces a slew of Nick’s family friends who think that Rachel is not good enough for Nick. Nick’s mother does not act like she likes Rachel either.

In this movie you get a peak into the world of the wealthy and of the fabulous. Everyone in Nick’s family has everything that they could ever dream of having. They have money. They have jewelry. They have beautiful homes. It is a fantasy world that is interesting to see on the big screen.

I liked the movie because of Rachel Chu. Rachel is smart, caring, and down-to-earth. Nick is a great guy, too. He is handsome, sophisticated, and easy-to-talk-to. Rachel and Nick overcome Nick’s crazy world despite everything that Nick’s rich family and friends throw at Rachel.

I loved this movie because it was fun and entertaining. It was fun to take a peak into the rich world that some lucky people live-in. I give this movie a 9/10 rating. I loved it and I will watch it again-and-again.

Luca Lane

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