Review: The History Boys (2006)

The History Boys is an interesting movie for fans of history. The History Boys is a movie about eight boys. The boys are named Scripps, Lockwood, Crowther, Tims, Rudge, Akhtar, Deacon, and Posner. The eight boys are Oxbridge and Cambridge candidates. The boys study hard to try-to-make-it into those two ancient universities. The boys are taught by three teachers. There is Hector and Mrs. Lintott. There is also a new temporary-contract teacher named Irwin.

The boys learn a lot during the boys’ last semester of school. They learn about history. They also learn about the true nature of the exams that they study for–that sometimes an exam is a game. It is a game that you need to play to win.

The movie is really about the eight boys. The boys study together. They learn together. They change together. It is about the boys’ friendships. It is about the boys’ determination and perseverance. It is about the boys as they learn about the world and about what you need in the world to win.

The History Boys is a good movie; however, there are some parts of it that I strongly disliked. The teacher named Hector is a good teacher. However, there is a dark side to him. Irwin is the most controversial teacher. Irwin helps the eight boys with the boys’ exam–but the boys are altered in a negative way because of Irwin’s teaching. Irwin focuses more on winning instead of on what is right.

I give this movie a 5/10 rating. There are good parts of the movie but there are serious and dark parts to it that I thought were wrong and that I thought were inappropriate. I think that you should skip this movie. There are many other good movies that you can watch other than this one.

Luca Lane

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