Review: The Book Thief (2013)

The Book Thief (2013) is a movie about a family that lives in Germany in World War II. A girl named Liesel Meminger moves into a house with a foster family when her mother and when her brother die. Liesel’s foster-mother is a woman named Rosa Hubermann. Liesel’s foster-father is a man named Hans Hubermann. Liesel is welcomed into the Huermann’s home. She even makes a friend with her next-door-neighbor named Rudy Steiner.

One night a man knocks on the Hubermann’s door. The man is named Max Vandenburg. Vandenburg needs a home to hide-in because he is Jewish. The Jewish people are persona non grata in Germany because of Hilter’s antisemitic rhetoric.

At the same time the people in the Hubermann’s town are burning books because of Hitler’s anti-intellectual beliefs. Liesel is unable to read but she is learning to do so. Liesel loves to find books to bring home to read. She secretly steals books that are left-over after the book burnings.

Liesel lives with many secrets. She hides the Jewish man named Vandenburg with her foster-mother and her foster-father. She steals books.

Liesel perseveres despite everything.

The Book Thief is a good movie. Liesel is endearing. She is brave. She is strong. The Hubermann family are also very brave because they hide Vandenburg even though they might face death if Vanderburg is discovered. The Hubermann’s are heroes.

I also liked this movie because it is different than other movies. It paints a picture of a family who lives during World War II; however, the family is a German family. That is unlike any other movie that is out there. Most movies that are based during World War II are about people who are against the Nazis and who are against Hitler.

I really liked this movie; however, I hated the ending. Liesel is all right at the end of the movie but the movie ends in a sad way. Overall, I give this movie a 8/10 rating. It’s a good movie that deals with serious topics. However, The Book Thief is enjoyable. The Book Thief also handles difficult subject-matter well.

You should watch this movie if you have the chance to do so. It is a good movie that you can learn from.

Luca Lane

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