Review: Sex and the City (2008)

Sex and the City is one of those iconic television shows that defined the early 2000’s. If you’re not familiar with Sex and City, then, let me summarize a little bit about the show. Sex and the City is a television show about a woman named Carrie Bradshaw. Bradshaw tries to navigate the New York City dating world with the help of her three friends. Her three friends are named Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha. Together the four women meet different men and talk about the women’s escapades in-bed and in-love.

There are two movies that came out after the end of the television show. The movie that I will review today is the first Sex and the City movie. In this movie Bradshaw is finally ready to get married. After years of seeing her getting in-and-out of relationships on the television show her marriage is welcomed news. Unsurprisingly, Bradshaw is set to marry Big. Big is the main fellow that Bradshaw obsesses over throughout six seasons of the television show. Big’s real name is John James Preston–a fact that viewers learn on the last episode of the Sex and the City television show.

So, do Bradshaw and Big make it down the aisle? You’ll have to check-out the movie to know for sure. However, I will discuss my thoughts and feelings about the movie here.

Sex and the City is not a movie about heavy topics. It is not a documentary. It is exactly what it seems to be–a movie about light-hearted topics like sex. The movie does what it does well. Bradshaw deals with love issues. She tries to stay afloat in the movie by the skin-of-her-teeth.

The Sex and the City franchise is also known for its focus on fashion, style, and a certain luxurious type of lifestyle. The first Sex and the City movie highlights all those things well. You see beautiful dresses and beautiful clothing. You also see the four women in a beautiful vacation-setting as they relax in fashionable attire.

This movie is a great ending to the Sex and the City franchise. The movie ties-up a lot of loose ends. You finally see what happens to Carrie… where she ends-up in her life.

The Sex and the City movie is a great, enjoyable movie. I think many women will love it. It’s the type of movie that you can watch at home with your girlfriends while you drink a glass of wine. Sex and the City is a great movie for girly fun. I give Sex and the City a 8/10 overall rating. Watch it.

Luca Lane

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