Review: The Help (2011)

I really enjoyed the movie, The Help (2011). The Help is a great movie about race-relations between white people and African-American people. The main character of The Help is a woman named Skeeter Phelan. Skeeter wants to be a journalist. She is accepted as a journalist for her local town’s newspaper. She is given the job as a writer for the, “Ms. Merna column.” The “Ms. Merna column” is a newspaper column where the figure named “Ms. Merna” answers letters from her readers. She answers household cleaning questions from stay-at-home mothers. Skeeter replaces the old “Ms. Merna.” However, Skeeter needs help to answer the household cleaning questions. Skeeter asks her friend if her friend’s maid will help Skeeter to answer her “Ms. Merna” questions for the newspaper.

That begins Skeeter’s friendship with her friend’s maid. Her friend’s maid is named Aibileen. Then, one day Skeeter gets an idea while she works with Aibileen. Skeeter decides to write a book about the people of her town… from the perspective of the African-American maids that work in white people’s homes. The book is controversial. It also brings to light an issue that Skeeter’s hometown faces. The white people of Skeeter’s hometown do not want the African-American maids to use the same restroom that they use. People in town are making separate bathrooms for the African-America maids. The African-American maids are offended. They also hate that they have to go to the bathroom outside.

The Help is a great movie because it is a heartfelt movie to watch. You come to learn about the perspective of African-American women in the 1960’s. The plot of the movie is engaging. It is a good movie to watch now with the current cultural climate.

I suggest that you watch the movie, The Help. I give the movie 4/5 stars.


Luca Lane

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