Review: Children of Men (2006)


The movie named Children of Men (2006) is a scary dark-topia movie. The movie named Children of Men stars the actor named Clive Owen. Owen plays the main character named Theo Faron.

Faron lives in a dark world. In his world there is a strange epidemic that affects all the women on Earth. The epidemic is a mysterious illness that stops women from reproducing. There are no more newborns being born on Earth. Everyone knows that it is the end of the world… even Theo.

Theo gets dragged into a strange plot by his ex-wife named Julian. The plot is a plan to save a refugee woman who is miraculously pregnant. The woman’s name is Kee. Theo must go to dark and to dangerous lengths to save this woman. His goal is to save the woman and her child by bringing her to The Human Project. The Human Project is a mythological group of people who helps those out there who are in need.

Children of Men is a gripping movie. The most striking parts of the movie are the parts where Theo encounters different refugees who are jailed. Theo’s country of Great Britain does not want refugees to enter the country. The refugees who sneak into Great Britain are dealt with harshly.

This movie is a dark thriller movie. The cinematography is great in this movie. You can see how sad and desperate everyone is on Earth through the actors and through the scenery in the movie.

Overall, I really liked this movie. I give it a 5/5-star rating.

Luca Lane

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