Review: The Bling Ring (2013)


I love to watch many different types of movies. I like to watch fantasy movies like The Avengers. I like to watch serious movies like The Virgin Suicides. I even like to watch funny romantic-comedy movies like Valentine’s Day. Today, I want to talk about a type of movie that is my guilty pleasure. The movie that I want to talk about is the movie named The Bling Ring.

The Bling Ring is a movie that stars Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga, and a host of other actors. You may know Emma Watson for her movie-role in the Harry Potter movie franchise. You may know Taissa Farmiga in her television-role in the AMC-television show named American Horror Story. Taissa is also in another one of my favorite movies. The movie is named Six Years.

This movie is all about wealth, luxury, and excess. This movie chronicles a true-life story about a group of teenagers who manage to sneak into the homes of the-rich-and-the-famous. These teenagers are known as The Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch. The teenagers enter the homes to steal clothes, jewelry, and money. They live-it-up. They lie, steal, and party like there are no consequences to his or her actions. Do they get caught? You should watch the movie to find out.

So, what do I like about this movie? Well, through this movie I was able to take a peak into the world of the crazy, the rich, and the wannabes-who-want-to-be-rich. I took a peak into the crazy world where money is everything. I took a peak into the world where all that matters is being cool, hot, popular… to have a good time. What can I say? This movie is a guilty pleasure like I said earlier.

Now, let me be frank: this movie has zero substance. In a good day you can say that the movie is a simple biographical representation of a true-to-life series of burglaries. On a real day I would say that this movie is something to watch if you’re in the mood for something completely vapid, but completely entertaining.

What rating do I give this movie? I give this movie 4/5 stars.

Yeah. I did it.

So, sue me.

Luca Lane

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