Review: An Education (2009)


It’s the beginning of the school year. So, now I think it’s time to do a review on the movie named An Education. An Education stars a girl who is named Jenny Mellor. Mellor is bright. She does well at her all-girls private school. Mellor’s sights are on the best school in Great Britain. That school is Oxford University.

However, all of Mellor’s plans are de-railed when she meets an older man. The older man is named David Goldman. David is rich. He is suave. He is a man-about-town type of fellow. Mellor is mesmerized by his charm. As things with Goldman move forward Mellor’s goals change. She wants to have a fun life. She wants to drink, she wants to go to parties, and she wants to go to fun events like auctions and like plays. Everything changes.

It seems like Mellor has a new plan… but she discovers something about Goldman that alters the shape of her relationship and her future, too.

An Education is all about Mellor. She is smart and she cares about her education. But she gets a new education by the time that the movie is over… an education about life, about love, and about the way the world works.

I liked this movie. However, I found it boring at times. If you are going back-to-school, then, this might be a good movie for you to watch. It may bring your mind back to the studying mindset.

I give this movie a 3/5-star rating. An Education is not a terrible movie… but it’s not going on my “favorites” list either.

Luca Lane

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