Review: Troy (2004)


The movie, Troy (2004), is a little-known jem that I recently watched. Troy is a movie about the Trojan War. The Trojan War occurred eons ago. It is a war between the Trojans and the Spartans. The war began because of a queen of Sparta who was captivating and beautiful. Her name is Helen. Helen fell-in-love with a prince of Troy when the Trojans visited Sparta. The prince of Troy is named Prince Paris. He takes Helen away from Sparta. He brings her back to his home in secret. Sparta attacks Troy because of what happened. This begins the Trojan War.

The moniker “the face that launched a-thousand ships” refers to Helen of Troy. Helen’s beauty was the catalyst for her affair with Prince Paris of Troy. Prince Paris was enchanted by Helen’s beauty. The two’s love is the reason why Helen absconds from Sparta.

This movie was a great one to watch. It was exciting and thrilling. You see two different sides of the story in this movie. You see the Spartans’ side of things and you also see the Trojans’ side of things.

Brad Pitt plays the character named Achilles. Achilles is the strongest warrior on the Spartans’ side. He is a fierce fighter. He wants nothing more than to have his name echo throughout eternity. Achilles’ is a hard man to like. He is all brawn and no-brain.

On the other side of things is the Trojan side. There are two heroes on the Trojans’ side. The two heroes are Prince Hector and Prince Paris. Prince Hector is the oldest prince of Troy. Prince Paris is the youngest Prince of Troy. Prince Hector is played by the actor named Erica Bana. Prince Hector is a like-able character to watch on screen. He loves his wife. He loves his family. He loves his country. He does everything to defend his homeland and he does everything to defend his family.

Prince Paris is played by the actor named Orlando Bloom. Prince Paris does everything for love. He loves Helen. He can not see a future without her by his side.

Helen is played by the actress named Diane Kruger. Helen is beautiful and alluring. She plays the part of Helen of Troy well.

I enjoyed this movie. It was an exciting ride from the start to the finish. You are moved by the love story between the two characters, Prince Paris and Helen of Troy. You root for Prince Paris and for Helen of Troy. You also root for Prince Hector and for his wife and for his son.

I give this movie a 5/5-star rating. I will watch this movie again and again.

Luca Lane

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