Review: Sex and the City 2 (2010)


The next movie that I want to talk about today is the movie named “Sex and the City 2”. “Sex and the City 2” stars Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah Jessica Parker is the main character named Carrie Bradshaw. So, what is this movie about?

“Sex and the City 2” is about Carrie and her husband, John (otherwise referred to as “Mr. Big”). Carrie and “Mr. Big” managed to get hitched in the first Sex and the City movie. Now, they have wedding bliss… right?

Even though Carrie is married to “Mr. Big” she still faces martial problems with him. Carrie wants the sparkle and the glamour to stay in her marriage. It seems like “Mr. Big” wants to have a comfortable relationship with Carrie. All of this leads-up to a suggestion posed to Carrie by “Mr. Big.” “Mr. Big” suggests to Carrie that the two should own a second apartment. “Mr. Big” wants to stay at that apartment for two nights out of the week. He wants the time to do his own thing. He says that Carrie will then have the time to catch up with her own friends. “Mr. Big” thinks that this will keep the glamour in the two’s lives.

Carrie disagrees. She decides to go to a trip to Abu Dhabi with her three girlfriends to let loose and to separate herself from her marriage problems.

The first “Sex and the City” movie and this movie are shot at exotic locations. There were parts of the first movie that were shot at a beach resort in Mexico. There were parts of this movie that were shot in Abu Dhabi. The film presents Abu Dhabi in a luxurious and fantastical light. The girls have a lot of fun in Abu Dhabi. And Carrie meets an old love in the exotic city.

This movie is similar to the first “Sex and the City” movie in the franchise. There are relationship problems. There are exotic locations. And at its heart there are the four friends–Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha.

This movie was a fun film. It’s exactly what a girl can ask for after a long day at work.

I give the movie a 3/5-star rating. It’s exactly what you expect. That’s the simplicity and the charm of “Sex and the City 2”.

Luca Lane

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