Review: Love Actually (2003)


There are many Christmas movies out during this time of the year. One of the Christmas movies that I want to talk about is the movie named, “Love Actually.” “Love Actually” is both parts sweet and both parts melancholy. So, what is this movie about?

“Love Actually” is a movie about many different types of people who face issues with love. There is the British man who is in love with his best-friend’s wife. There is the American woman who is in love with a man that she just can’t connect with. There is the Prime Minister of Great Britain who falls-in-love with one of his staff members. Then, there is the story of a British man who’s girlfriend cheats on him. He find’s his true-love when he goes abroad to another country to write a novel.

What do all of these stories share? They are all about people trying to connect with another human-being… they are all about people trying to find love. All of the stories in this movie do not end-up with a “happily-ever-after.” However, all of these stories are compelling.

I love this Christmas movie. It is a touching movie. I give the movie a 5/5-star rating.

Luca Lane

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