Review: The Princess Switch (2018)


“The Princess Switch” is a romantic Christmas movie. “The Princess Switch” stars the actress who is named Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa Hudgens is widely known for her movie role in the Disney film that is named, “High School Musical.”

“The Princess Switch” is about a woman who is named Stacey DeNovo. Stacey is a baker with her own pastry shop. She is the type of woman who is used to doing things by the book. However, she decides to take advantage of an opportunity despite her initial misgivings. Stacey is entered into a baking competition around Christmas. She decides to go to the baking competition which is held in a country known as Belgravia. She goes with her close friend who is named Kevin and Kevin’s young daughter.

While Stacey is in Belgravia she runs into a woman who is named Lady Margaret Delacourt. Lady Margaret Delacourt is the Duchess of Montenaro. Oddly enough Stacey and Lady Margaret look identical to each other. Lady Margaret is about to get married to the Crown Prince Edward of Belgravia. She wants to switch places with Stacey so that she can enjoy herself before she is married to Prince Edward. Stacey agrees.

Lady Margaret finds herself falling-in-love with Stacey’s close friend who is named Kevin. Stacey is smitten by Prince Edward. The two only have two days as each other to figure out what both women truly want. They need to figure it out before Stacey’s baking competition… and Lady Margaret’s wedding to Prince Edward of Belgravia.

This movie was a generic romantic comedy. It isn’t very special. However, it might be the right movie for someone younger.

I give the movie a 3/5-star rating.

Luca Lane

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