Review: The DUFF (2015)


“The DUFF” is a great comedy. “The DUFF” stars Mae Whitman, Skyler Samuels, Bianca Santos, and Bella Thorne. Mae Whitman plays the main character in the movie. Her name is Bianca Piper.

Skyler Samuels is another actress in the movie. She is one of Bianca’s close friends. She is named Jess in the movie. Skyler Samuels is also known for her television role in the hit-television show that is named “Scream Queens.” She played the character named Grace Gardner in the television show that is named, “Scream Queens.”

Bianca Santos plays the character who is named Casey. She also plays one of Bianca’s close friends.

Bella Thorne plays the character that is named Madison Morgan. Thorne is known for her role in the hit-television show that is named, “Shake It Up.”

However, “The DUFF” is all about Bianca. Bianca’s world is changed when one of her childhood friends who is named Wesley Rush tells Bianca that she is a “DUFF.” A “DUFF” is a nickname for someone who is viewed as the, “Designated, Ugly, Fat Friend,” in a friend group.

Bianca faces denial at the name. Then, she realizes that the moniker fits her and her friendship with her two best-friends, Jess and Casey. “The DUFF” chronicles Bianca’s attempts to break-free from the “DUFF” name with the help of her friend who is named Wesley. It also follows Bianca as she falls in-and-out of love.

“The DUFF” is a fun movie to watch with your friends. It is funny and smart. “The DUFF” asks you a few questions. It asks: “Who are you really?” “How do people see you?” And, “Do you agree with everyone’s perspective of who you really are?”

I loved this movie. It is a fun and a light-hearted comedy. I give this movie a 5-star rating.

And, yes, Bianca does win at the end.

Luca Lane

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