Review: The Mummy (1999)


“The Mummy” is a throwback to old adventure movies such as “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.” “The Mummy” movie that I want to talk about today stars the actor who is named Brendan Fraser. There is a new “The Mummy” movie that stars the famous actor who is named Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise stars in many movies such as “Minority Report,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” and the “Mission Impossible” franchise. “The Mummy” movie that stars Tom Cruise was released in 2017. The movie that I am talking about today was around much earlier than the 2017 movie-adaptation. However, it is by far my favorite of the two movies.

Fraser plays Rick O’Connell. Rick is an explorer and an everyday “adventure man.” Rick is roped into going to an ancient Egyptian site to find gold and to find treasure. Rick finds trouble instead. Rick and his crew find an old mummy coffin that is cursed. A prophecy states that if you open the coffin then the mummy in the coffin will emerge true-to-life. He will destroy the world in accordance to the fulfillment of the prophecy.

“The Mummy” is a fun ride. It is an adventure ride. It is a comedic ride. It is also a movie about the love between Rick and his leading lady who is named Evie. Evie is played by the actress who is named Rachel Weisz. Weisz stars in movies such as “Definitely, Maybe” and “My Cousin Rachel.”

This movie is a great family-friendly movie. It’s similar to the “Indiana Jones” movies. However, it’s more irreverent and off-the-cuff. I give this movie a 5-star rating. I think you should watch it if you’re in the mood for a good time. It doesn’t require too much thinking. It’s just a fun movie to watch on a night in.

Luca Lane

6 thoughts on “Review: The Mummy (1999)”

  1. Nice post. I agree. This was a really good movie to watch. I have all “The Mummy” movies on Blue-Ray. My favorite is the movie, “The Mummy Returns.”

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