Five great movies that star strong women

There are many great movies for you to watch. However, sometimes it may seem difficult to find great movies that depict women as smart, strong, and capable women. Nevertheless those movies are out there.

Here is my list of five movies that focus on strong females. They are all great movies in my book.

  1. Charlie’s Angels (2019)

The first movie that I want to talk about is the movie that is named, “Charlie’s Angels.” “Charlie’s Angels” stars the actress named Kristen Stewart. You may know Kristen Stewart from her movie role in the popular film franchise that is named, “Twilight.”

“Charlie’s Angels” is a movie about a trio of female spies. The three women are named Sabina, Jane, and Elena. The three women are led by a guide dubbed, “Bosley.” The man in charge of all the women is named, “Charlie.” The three secret agents must uncover a plot to hide the defects of a new technology that is going out on the market. The defects in the new technology will allow that technology to be used for military purposes.

The three women fight and save lives together. They show-off their strength and they show-off their myriad of talents. This is a great action movie to watch.

2. The Hunger Games

The next movie that I want to talk about is the movie that is named, “The Hunger Games.” “The Hunger Games” is a dark-topia movie. That means that the movie is set in a dark and in a futuristic world. In this movie the most affluent community in the country of Panem, known as the The Capitol, annually gathers kids from outlying districts of the city. The kids are forced to fight one another in a death match. This annual game is known as, “The Hunger Games.”

The female child that is picked from the 13th District is a girl who is named Katniss Everdeen. The male child that is picked from the 13th District is a boy who is named Peeta Malark. Katniss and Peeta fight for their lives in the arena. At first the two fight against one another. Then, the two decide to win the “The Hunger Games” together.

Love is their alibi.

3. Divergent (2014)

“Divergent” is another dark-topia movie. “Divergent” is about a community that separates its teenagers into four different factions when they come-of-age. The factions are named “Dauntless,” “Amity,” “Erudite,” and “Abnegation.” A teen who is named Tris moves from her old faction that is named “Abnegation” to her new faction. The new faction that she is a part of is named, “Dauntless.”

It is difficult for Tris to fit into the “Dauntless” faction. However, the government has a secret plan to take over the entire city. Tris must uncover the plot. She must learn how to fight for herself and she must learn to fight for her people. She must act truly “dauntless.”

4. Elizabeth (1998)

The movie that is named, “Elizabeth,” is another great movie that shows the strength that women have within themselves. “Elizabeth” is a movie about Queen Elizabeth of England. Queen Elizabeth must rule her country with strength, with fairness, and with her intellect. She must rule while Queen Elizabeth’s half-sister who is named “Mary, the Queen of Scotts” attempts to usurp Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth must also be wary of the politics of marriage. Queen Elizabeth is interested in various different suitors who have charm and who have intellect. However, she does not wish to marry any particular man because doing so will mean that she will no longer have the highest power as the queen of England. Her future husband would have that honor instead.

“Elizabeth” is a great political movie. It is a dramatic reenactment of a historical figure who can move mountains if she so chooses.

5. The Joy Luck Club (1993)

“The Joy Luck Club” is a great sleeper hit. “The Joy Luck Club” is about four Chinese women and the four women’s mothers. The young women are named Waverly, Rose, Lena, and June. The four women try to grapple with their lives in America while the women attempt to hold onto the women’s Chinese roots. The movie also focuses on the young women’s mothers. The movie has flashbacks that focus on the lives of the Chinese mothers who lived back in China.

This movie is about the love between a mother and a daughter. It is about bridging the gap between the four young Chinese-American women and Chinese traditions that they feel that they are bound to uphold. This movie is touching. It is also filled with an deep type of sorrow.

I love movies with strong female leads in them. They show the strength and they show the abilities that women have within themselves. Movies like these show you the things that women can do… and the things that women will be able to do no matter what obstacles are in a woman’s path.

Luca Lane

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