Love is in the air. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with these 5 romantic films

It is almost the second week of February. That means that it is almost Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday for couples. However, you do not need to go out and break-the-bank to celebrate this day. You can watch a romantic movie at home with a bowl of popcorn instead. Here is my list of romantic holiday movies for you to watch.

1. The Notebook (2004)

The first movie that I want to talk to you about is the movie that is named “The Notebook.” “The Notebook” is a touching and a heartfelt movie. “The Notebook” is about a man who tries to re-connect with his sick wife. He recollects the first months that he spent with her before the two were married. When the man and woman first meet things separate the two from being with one another. However, fate takes control. The girl named Alison Hamilton must make a choice about her future. Her choice will alter her life forever.

This movie is one of my favorites. It is filled with unrequited love and, finally, true love. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is a scene where the two main characters enjoy a day out on a boat. There are a number of geese that swim on the pond that the boat floats on. The effect is beautiful.

2. Titanic (1997)

Titanic is a classic romantic movie that I think many people still love to this day. The movie is about a huge luxury ship named the Titanic. A affluent woman who is named Rose sails on the Titanic with her mother and her fiancé. However, Rose meets someone else who catches her eye. She spies a man who is named Jack Dawson. Jack is far removed from Rose’s well-to-do world and upbringing. Never-the-less, the two fall-in-love. They must overcome the expectations of society and the dangerous situation that the two find themselves in on the luxury liner.

Rose and Jack are an iconic movie couple. However, the movie ends in a bitter-sweet way. Still, maybe Rose and Jack do find their happiness… somewhere.

3. Pearl Harbor (2001)

Pearl Harbor is similar to Titanic. It is a movie set in history. The movie is about three people during the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is an American harbor that houses America’s naval fleet. This invasion leads to America’s participation in World War II.

Two soldiers must prepare for War with the Japanese troops in the Pacific. The soldiers are named Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker. The two men are best friends. However, both men are interested in the same woman. The woman is a nurse. Her name is Evelyn Johnson. Rafe and Danny must come to terms with the love-triangle between themselves and Evelyn. The two must also come together and put their differences aside to fight and to protect their homeland.

4. About Time (2013)

About Time is a great movie that I think many people will enjoy. This romantic movie also has a science-fiction element to it. About Time is about a red-headed boy who is named Tim from Great Britain. Tim discovers that he can travel back in time. Tim uses his powers to meet the woman of his dreams. Her name is Mary.

Tim must deal with the complications that stem from his new relationship and his new-found powers. He wants everything to be perfect. But life is everything but that.

5. A Walk to Remember (2002)

The final movie on this list is a romantic teen movie. The movie is named A Walk to Remember. A Walk to Remember is a movie about a girl who is an outcast at her high-school. The girl’s name is Jamie. A boy from her high-school finds himself in trouble. As a result he is told that he must act in his high-school’s newest play. He then asks Jamie to help him to study his lines for the school play. Jamie reluctantly agrees.

The two are an unlikely pair. Still, the two fall-in-love. However, Jamie hides an important secret. The secret may be enough to separate the two from one another forever.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday to celebrate. I hope you celebrate it by watching one of these movies.

Have a great Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

Luca Lane

4 thoughts on “Love is in the air. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with these 5 romantic films”

  1. I love this movie list. I love the movie Titanic and the movie A Walk to Remember. I will check-out Pearl Harbor and About Time. Your movie suggestions are always spot-on.


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