Review: Stephanie (2017)


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“Stephanie” is a psychological horror film that I thought was scary and also compelling.  “Stephanie” is about a little girl who lives alone in her home.  Her family is no where to be found.  The viewer watches as Stephanie tries to live a normal life.  However, there are supernatural monsters and other scary elements in the girls’ not-so-normal life.  When you watch the movie “Stephanie” the true question that you should ask yourself is, “Why is she abandoned in her family home?”  You should ask yourself, “Where are her parents?” Finally, you should ask yourself, “What is this movie truly about?”

“Stephanie” was a great film because of its slow and atmospheric pace.  The audience watches as Stephanie tries to live a normal life as the only person in an empty house.  You watch as Stephanie tries to grapple with the strange situations that she encounters.

The best part of the movie that is named “Stephanie” is the ending of the movie.  Many of the viewers questions are answered about the little girl.  You finally figure out who is to blame for Stephanie’s solitary life… and its not what you would expect.

Overall, I give “Stephanie” a 4-star rating.  It was a great film that captured my attention.  The horror film surprised me… in a good way.

Luca Lane

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