Television Review: My So-Called Life (1994-1995)


Today I want to talk about a little-known television show that only lasted one season in the 1990’s era. The television show is named, “My So-Called Life.” “My So-Called Life” is a television show about growing-up, figuring-it-out, love, and friendship.

“My So-Called Life” is about a girl who is named Angela Chase. The actress who is named Claire Danes plays Angela. Claire Danes is known for her movie-role in the movie that is named, “Romeo + Juliet.” Claire Danes is also known for television-role in the show that is named, “Homeland.”

In “My So-Called Life,” we begin the television series with an episode about Angela as she pulls away from her best-friend. Her best-friend is a girl that is named Sharon Cherski. Sharon likes to be involved in school activities. She is on her high-school’s yearbook committee. She volunteers at Christmas-time at her local Help-Hotline. However, Angela does not want to be a part of Sharon’s world anymore.

Angela is drawn to another girl. The girl is named Rayanne Graff. Rayanne is opinionated. Rayanne is loud. Rayanne does whatever-she-wants whenever she sees fit to do it. Angela is fascinated by Rayanne. Once Angela is friends with Rayanne, then, Angela must figure-out who she wants to be. Does she want to be smart and active in school like her former-friend Sharon? Or, does she want to have sex and cut her high-school classes like Rayanne?

There is another topic that is covered in this television show. The topic is “young love.” Angela is in-love with a boy at her school. The boy is named “Jordan Catallano.” (Trust me, you won’t forget the name.) “Jordan Catallano” is your resident bad-boy. However, he has a secret that he hides from everyone…. a secret that Angela discovers. This secret brings Jordan Catallano and Angela close.

Angela Chase is far from perfect. Never-the-less, Angela’s imperfections make the character more true-to-life. Angela sneaks-out at night. Angela cuts-classes. Angela lies. However, she is also smart, sensitive, and thoughtful. Her decision to separate from her former-friend, Sharon, is the catalyst for the creation of a new sense-of-self that she is trying to build at her high-school.

“My So-Called Life” was a television show that never made it to the popular mainstream world. However, the show was smart. It was a great television show to watch.

I give “My So-Called Life” a 4-star rating.

You can find “My So-Called Life” on the “Hulu” television on-demand network. You should watch it if you feel like reflecting back on your days of yesteryear.

Luca Lane

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