Review: Finding You (2021)


What can I say about this movie? The truth is…. I loved it. This movie was many different things–sweet, honest, hopeful, and true. It is a simple type of movie at its core. Finding You was a romance movie. It was a romance movie between two people and it was a romance movie about the country of Ireland.

The movie begins with a woman who is named Finley Sinclair. Finley is rejected at her musical conservatory audition. Finley decides to regroup because of this misstep in her life. She decides to go to a study-abroad program in Ireland for the semester. Finley meets Becket Rush on the airplane. Becket Rush is a celebrity that is well-known and well-loved. Sparks between Finley and Becket don’t fly at the two’s first meeting together. However, Becket Rush is also staying at the same Bed and Breakfast that Finley stays in for the duration of her time in Ireland. The two eventually grow close.

As the movie progresses Finley learns to open-up. She learns to trust Becket. Becket learns that he needs to stop living a lie. He needs to follow his heart…. wherever it takes him.

The love-story in this movie was a sweet slow-burn. You slowly watch as Finley and Becket get-to-know each other. You slowly watch as they learn to accept each other, too.

The other great thing about this movie was the scenes that displayed the moors of Ireland. There are wide open fields. There are beautiful and old churches. There are also cliffs that seem to stretch out to the ocean. The different scenes of Ireland made me fall-in-love with that country.

The movie also showcased fun and exuberant Irish folk music. Finley learns to play Irish music with the help of Becket and another man that lives in the small-town that she stays in during her time in Ireland. She learns to feel the music that she plays on her violin…. she learns to play with her heart.

This movie is a great movie for anyone who wants to watch a love-story unfold. I give this movie a 5-star rating.

Luca Lane

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