Review: In the Heights (2021)


I recently watched the movie that is named “In the Heights” at the movie theater. The movie was fun and enjoyable. “In the Heights” is a musical-movie. It stars the actor named Anthony Ramos. Anthony is Usnavi. The movie also stars the actress who is named Melissa Barrera. She plays the character who is named, “Vanessa.”

What is great about the movie “In the Heights?” The musical numbers are big and explosive. The songs are fun and catchy to listen to. “In the Heights” also has a lot of heart. There are multiple story-lines in the movie. Each story-line is about a character who lives in the New York City neighborhood that is named “Washington Heights.”

Usnavi is the main character in the movie. Usnavi loves the neighborhood that he lives in. Usnavi knows that the neighborhood has a lot of spirit and a lot of character. Vanessa loves the neighborhood, too. But she is ready to leave to visit other places. She’s ready to move on.

Usnavi and Vanessa come together the night of a black-out that happens in the two’s neighborhood. Things inside “Washington Heights” are tense because of the black-out. However, the community presses forward as usual.

“In the Heights” is a great movie because of the amazing music in it. It is something that I think many people will love to see. It is great that there are movies coming out now that depict the different types of people that live in America. This is one of those movies.

I definitely give this movie a 5-star rating.

Luca Lane

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