Review: La La Land (2016)


The movie named La La Land (2016) is a great movie-musical that tugs at your heart strings. La La Land stars Ryan Gosling. You may know Gosling from his role in the well-loved and well-thought-of film that is named The Notebook. In this film Gosling plays Sebastian. Sebastian is a jazz musician who loves music. He hopes to own his own jazz club one day.

Sebastian’s love-interest is a woman named Mia. Emma Stone plays the character who is named Mia. Mia wants to be an actress. She hopes to one day make it in Hollywood. However, it’s tough-going.

La La Land is a soulful and a beautiful movie. It also has a melancholy atmosphere. La La Land is at its heart about two people trying to make it in the Hills of Hollywood. The two people find each other instead. They try to make it together… and they try to reach their dreams.

The music score in this movie-musical is beautiful. You can hear some of the score that came with this movie in the movie clip above. Ryan Gosling learned to play the piano to play the role of Sebastian. I think he did a stupendous job.

You will love this movie if you love movie-musicals like Chicago, Moulin Rogue, and Grease. The music numbers are in-your-face and fantastic in this film.

I give this movie a 5-star rating.

Luca Lane

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