Review: Free Guy (2021)


I watched the movie, Free Guy, in movie theaters a few nights ago. I loved the movie. It was a fun movie that was a wild ride all around. Free Guy stars Ryan Reynolds as the main character, “Guy.”

Free Guy is about a man who wears a blue shirt everyday. Every morning he does the same thing. He gets a medium coffee with cream and two sugars. He goes to work at the bank. He says “hi” to his best-friend who is a cop named, “Buddy.” However, everything is not as it seems. In truth, “Guy” is an NPC. The title “NPC” stands for a “non-playable character.” “Guy” is nothing more than a video game character who sits in the background of a video game.

In “Guy’s” world, there are people who walk around with sunglasses. These people are avatars for the people in the real world who play the video game. The people who wear sunglasses do things like rob banks, steal money, and collect guns.

“Guy” steals a pair of sunglasses. And everything changes. He grows to learn that he does not live in the real world. He learns that he is in a video game. All of this starts because “Guy” falls-in-love. He falls-in-love with “Moltov girl,” an avatar. A woman named “Millie” is the person in the real world who plays, “Moltov girl.”

I enjoyed this movie because it did not take itself too seriously. There are tons of funny moments in the movie between “Guy” and the other NPC’s in the video game. Ryan Reynolds did a great job as “Guy.” He was hilarious. He made me laugh-out-love throughout the whole movie.

Free Guy is a great movie for any video game lover. It is also just a great movie for anyone who wants to watch something light-hearted and original. I think you should watch this movie in theaters near you as soon as you can. If you don’t, then, you’ll miss out on a great movie.

I give this movie a 5-star rating. Watch it and I think you will agree with me.

Luca Lane

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