Review: Jennifer’s Body (2009)


Tomorrow is Halloween. What can be scarier than The Queen Bee of high-school stretching out her claws? That is the premise of the movie, “Jennifer’s Body.”

“Jennifer’s Body” stars Megan Fox. “Jennifer’s Body” is about a teenager named Jennifer. Jennifer’s best-friend at school is a plain girl nicknamed, “Needy.” Jennifer and Needy go to a club one evening. That night, Jennifer leaves the club with the band. And everything changes.

Jennifer is acting different. She look pale and withdrawn. Then, the next day she looks rose-y and filled with life. So, what does this have to do with the random boys that Jennifer decides to hang-out with after school? Well, you will just have to see.

“Jennifer’s Body” is a good movie to watch at this time-of-year. It is a horror movie with a slice of teenage girl drama. However, I think this movie is standing on two sides of a line. The movie is trying to be a great horror movie and a great movie for young girls at the same time. This hurts the movie in the end.

When Jennifer starts to check-out Needy’s boyfriend Needy’s own claws come out. Too bad Jennifer’s claws are sharpened to a fierce point.

I enjoyed this movie overall. Megan Fox is the perfect “mean girl” opposite of her friend, “Needy.” Despite that, this movie is just a good movie… but not one of the best.

I give Jennifer’s body a 3-star rating.

Luca Lane

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