Review: “Eternals” (2021)


The movie named “Eternals” was an amazing adventure. “Eternals” is about a group of super-heroes that have laid dormant for thousands of years. The super-heroes’ sole purpose is to defeat their enemy. Their enemy is a type of monster named the “Deviants.” The “Eternals” must defeat their enemy… but they must not interfere with the lives and the struggles of humanity.

The “Eternals” is a movie with a huge cast of characters. There is Ceresi, Icarus, Ajak, Gilgamesh, Phastos, Makkari, Sprite, Druig, Kingo, and Thena. The “Eternals” must come together after thousands of years apart to defeat their enemy.

The “Eternals” journey begins when Ceresi first spies a “Deviant.” It is the first “Deviant” that she has seen in thousands of years. She needs to get the group of super-heroes together because of this encounter. That is the beginning of a long journey to figure-out the “Eternals” true origins and their true purpose on Earth.

The cast of characters are all well-thought-out and are all bigger-than-life. Each character has his or her own backstory. They have their own personalities. They have their own interests. They have their own intentions. Even though there is a long list of characters to focus on in the movie you still feel like you know the “Eternals” and who they are.

Another great part of this movie are the flashback scenes that show the “Eternals” when they interacted with humans from thousands of years ago. The flashback scenes add a depth and a layer to the movie. You see the “Eternals” as they struggle to fit-in with humanity… without interfering with humans. Sometimes some of the “Eternals” struggle to follow this principle.

The action scenes in this movie are great. The “Eternals” is a movie with great fighting scenes. It was great to see the “Eternals” as they used their powers and showed-off their strength.

This movie was really enjoyable. I had a great time in the movie theater watching it.

I give this movie a 5-star rating.

Another great thing about this movie is the fact that ending leaves things open. There is room for another “Eternals” movie… and if there is one I will definitely be in the movie theater to check-it-out.

You should, too.

Luca Lane

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