Here are some great Thanksgiving movies to check-out

How was your bird, stuffing, and cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving? Are you ready to put your feet up to watch something great on television? If that is the case, then, this is the Thanksgiving movie list for you to enjoy. Down below are four great Thanksgiving movies. These movies are all varied and unique. However, there is something special about each and every one of them. Check-out out the list below:

  1. The Blind Side (2009)

The movie named “The Blind Side” is a wonderful family movie for everyone. The movie is about a woman named Leigh Anne Tuohy and Michael Oher. Leigh Anne Tuohy is a football-lover. One day she spies a tall boy walking down the road. This boy is homeless. Leigh Anne Tuohy welcomes Michael into her home and into her heart. Leigh Anne Tuohy pushes Michael toward football. In time, Michael joins his local football team… and in time, Michael is scouted and joins the NFL.

This movie is a feel-good movie that will get you to believe in everyday miracles that people can do for each other. There is a great scene where Leigh Anne has a Thanksgiving meal with her family and Michael. It is a funny and heart-warming clip to watch.

2. Sweet November (2001)

The next movie that I want to talk about is a sweet and a sad romantic movie. In this movie, a man named Nelson Moss meets someone named Sarah. Sarah is a whirl-wind. She is spontaneous. She is erratic. She is wild. Nelson Moss and Sarah come to an agreement. The two decide that they should date one another. However, the two decide that they will only date for just one month… the month of November.

Sarah draws Nelson Moss in… but she hides a secret that changes the two’s relationship forever.

Sweet November is a romance movie that I think couples will love to watch with one another. You just need to remember the tissue box.

3. Pieces of April (2003)

The movie named Pieces of April is about a woman named April. April struggles to create a Thanksgiving dinner that will impress her parents. April has a difficult relationship with her family. She hopes that they will come together to enjoy the American holiday, Thanksgiving, with one another.

Pieces of April is a sleeper-hit. It is a relatively unknown movie. However, it is an interesting type of movie. Pieces of April shows you April as she tries to make Thanksgiving dinner for her family… It also shows the kindness and generosity of her neighbors.

4. The New World (2005)

The final movie that I want to talk about is the movie that is named The New World. The New World is a fitting movie to watch this holiday because it is about how the Indians of America met new Puritan settlers when they arrived to this new land. This movie focuses on the Puritan settler named John Smith.

John Smith meets a beautiful and alluring Indian woman named Pocahontas. The two are different from one another. But they find love within each other despite their differences.

The New World is a slow movie. However, it also has an atmospheric and dream-y quality that makes it unique from any other movie out there.

I hope you enjoy these movies this holiday season. My favorite movies in the bunch are the movies named Pieces of April and The New World. You should give these movies a chance this Thanksgiving. You might be surprised at what you get.

Luca Lane

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