The Top 5 Best Doctor Who Christmas Specials

Doctor Who is a fun and a campy television series that originates from England. The show is about an alien “Time-Lord” named simply, “The Doctor.” This “Time-Lord” looks like a normal human. However, he is anything but that. He is smart. He is resourceful. He is able to stop the End of the World with nothing more than a jammy dodger cookie hidden in his pocket.

Doctor Who is a popular television show in England. It also found a new group of fans in America. The television show began years ago in the year 1963. The show was back on air in the year 2005 with even more heart and creativity than the original show.

One of the best things about the Doctor Who television series are the Christmas Specials that are typically broadcasted on the BBC network on Christmas Day. There are a number of great Doctor Who Christmas Specials that were made since the show began once again.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Christmas Specials in the “Doctor Who” television series:

  1. The Christmas Invasion” | Season 2

The Doctor Who Christmas Special that is named “The Christmas Invasion” is an iconic episode in the line-up. It is easily one of the most popular Doctor Who Christmas Specials of them all.

“The Christmas Invasion” is known for show-casing the second “Doctor” in the new series. David Tennant plays the newest “Doctor.”

In this Christmas Special, “The Doctor” is out of commission. He is in the middle of re-generating into his new self. “The Doctor” is from an alien species known as a “Time-Lord.” When The Doctor is on the point of dying he can re-generate into a new version of himself. This new version of himself is an entirely different man. He has a new personality. He has new idiosyncrasies. The fans must get to know the new Doctor once his re-generation is complete.

In this episode, the popular Companion of “The Doctor” named Rose Tyler must man-the-helm as “The Doctor” re-generates. However, once “The Doctor” is back on his feet, he is in command as usual. “The Doctor” only has a limited amount of time to save the world, and he does so in his typical style.

“The Christmas Invasion” is my favorite Doctor Who Christmas Special of the bunch. It is definitely a well-loved episode for many Doctor Who fans.

2. “The Snowmen” | Season 7

One of the best episodes on the Christmas Special line-up is named “The Snowmen.” “The Snowmen” stars “The Doctor” who is played by the actor Matt Smith. In this episode, “The Doctor” runs into a woman named Clara Oswald. Jenna Coleman is Clara Oswald.

In “The Snowmen,” Matt Smith runs into a barmaid in the streets of Victorian London. Oddly enough, she looks exactly like someone that “The Doctor” has run into before. “The Doctor” leaves this episode with many questions in mind. Who is Clara Oswald? How can she be alive in Victorian London when he met this same woman in the future at another point in time? This episode is great because it begins a new story-line about one of “The Doctor’s” future companions named Clara Oswin Oswald.

3. “A Christmas Carol” | Season 6

“A Christmas Carol” is a great take on an old Christmas story. In this episode, “The Doctor” played by Matt Smith must convince a rich old man that he must use his machine to stop a flying spaceship from crashing onto Earth. However, the man refuses.

“The Doctor” travels back-and-forth through time to figure-out how to convince this man to stop the future spaceship from crashing onto Earth. He visits the man when he is a young boy and he discovers that the boy was once in-love with a woman that is frozen in a cryogenic chamber by the man’s father.

“The Doctor” tries to change this man. He also tries to save the frozen woman. Is he able to do so? You will have to check-it-out to see.

4. “The Last Christmas” | Season 9

“The Last Christmas” is a complex and intricate Christmas Special. The episode begins as “The Doctor” and his Companion, Clara, run into a figment-of-imagination. He runs into Santa Claus.

“The Doctor” knows that Santa Claus is not real. But why is he standing right in front of him?

“The Doctor” uncovers the truth. However, it seems that Clara Oswald is fallen collateral. “The Doctor” checks-up on Clara in the future and discovers that she is sixty-two-years-old. She has lived a long and a full life… without “The Doctor” or his many adventures.

Is it time for “The Doctor” to say good-bye to Clara forever? Or is there a way that he can change things before he loses Clara forever?

5. “The Next Doctor” | Season 4

The last episode on this list is named “The Next Doctor.” Once again, “The Doctor” is back in Victorian London. And once again, he must deal with one of his oldest nemesis… the Cybermen.

On this adventure, “The Doctor” runs into a strange man. This man is smart and resourceful like “The Doctor” himself. Could this man be another re-generation of “The Doctor?” “The Doctor” himself is unsure.

David Tennant is “The Doctor” in this episode. He does a great job showing “The Doctor’s” confusion and trepidation when he meets this new man who may be another version of himself.

Doctor Who is a fun television series that you can enjoy with your family. It is sometimes light-hearted… and sometimes serious. The Christmas Specials are great stand-alone episodes that I think you can enjoy without knowing too much about the BBC channel television series. If you have never seen this television show before, then, you should check-it-out with your family.

Luca Lane

10 thoughts on “The Top 5 Best Doctor Who Christmas Specials”

  1. I think Doctor Who is a great television that everyone in your family can enjoy. I am sad that there is no Christmas Special this year though. Hopefully, there will be one next year.


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