Review: The Holiday (2006)


This is the perfect time of year for a holiday movie. In fact, it is a perfect time of year for the movie named, “The Holiday.”

“The Holiday” stars two big-name actresses. Kate Winslet is the woman named, “Iris.” Camren Diaz plays the character named, “Amanda Woods.” “Iris” and “Amanda Woods” face a difficult Christmas. “Iris” is in-love with a man who was just engaged. The two were once a couple but broke-it-off years ago. “Amanda” just threw out her long-time boyfriend. The two are looking for an escape from the women’s love-lorn lives.

“Amanda” goes on-line on a website where you have the option of switching houses with another woman for your vacation. That is how she first contacts “Iris.”

“Iris” and “Amanda” decide to switch homes. “Iris” takes The Holiday off in the warm and the sunny city of Los Angeles. “Amanda” takes a break in a cold and a snowy hamlet in England.

“Iris” meets a man that knows “Amanda” in Los Angeles. “Amanda” meets “Iris'” brother when he knocks on her door late one evening. The two women learn to love again in the women’s new and different surroundings.

The Holiday is a sweet and a romantic movie about going out there and taking a chance. It is about finding love in un-likely places. It is about letting your heart lead you.

This movie was great to watch. “Iris” and “Amanda” are two very different women. Kate Winslet is sweet and kind as “Iris.” Cameron Diaz is bright and shining as “Amanda.”

I give this movie a 5-star rating. It is a good movie for anyone who wants to watch a sweet and a romantic holiday movie at this time of year.

Luca Lane

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