Review: Spencer (2021)


The movie named “Spencer” was a sad and harrowing take on the late-Princess Diana of Wales. The title of the film is based-off of Princess Diana’s maiden name before she married Prince Charles of Wales. Diana was set to be the future-Queen-of-England after her wedding to Prince Charles. Princess Diana of Wales became her new official title once she was married to Prince Charles.

However, she faced an untimely demise in a car chase that was led by the paparazzi.

“Spencer” is a picture of Princess Diana before Christmas Day, during Christmas Day, and after Christmas Day. Diana is a tragic figure. She deals with anorexia, bulimia, and the stifling restrictions placed on her by her position as the future-Queen-of-England. She also deals with her husband’s affair with a woman named Camilla… an affair that no one wishes to speak about in more than a few words.

“Spencer” is a sad look at Diana’s life before she passed-on. The cinematography in this movie is great. The music in the movie sets the ambiance for the film. You can feel Diana’s intense and dark emotions through the music.

One thing that the movie also highlights is Diana’s love for her two children named Prince William of Wales and Prince Harry of Wales. Despite Diana’s dark emotions she loves her children. She wants what is best for them in the strict world that they live all in.

Kristen Stewart is the actress that is “Diana.” She does a great job on the film. She plays Diana as a sensitive, an intense, and a conflicted person. Kristen Stewart was given an Academy Award nomination for her role in this film. This is Kristen Stewart’s first Academy Award nomination.

I give this movie a 4-star rating. It was touching and tragic in its own way.

Luca Lane

6 thoughts on “Review: Spencer (2021)”

  1. I watched this movie and it truly had great cinematography. The cinematography helped to show how restricted Diana felt in her world. Restricted and miserable. This was a good (though serious) movie.


  2. Princess Diana was a beautiful and amazing woman. This movie helped to show how she felt while she was married to Prince Charles. R.I.P. Diana.


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