Review: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


I watched the movie named, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” The movie was interesting and different. The premise of the movie was what really got my attention. Let me explain:

In this movie, Doctor Strange runs into a young girl who is running from a one-eyed monster. The girl is named America Chavez. America has the ability to jump through the multiverse… and as a result someone is out there chasing after her to steal her powers.

In the film, Doctor Strange travels to odd universes where things are similar but not the same as his world. Pizza balls, anyone?

This movie was a decent movie overall. I enjoyed the peak into different worlds… worlds where Doctor Strange is dead, world’s where the very fabric of space-time is deteriorating, and worlds where there are a new crew of Avengers-type-super-heroes in charge.

The best part of this movie was when Doctor Strange and America traveled to parallel universes. However, I disliked the movie because of lame fight scenes and an ending with tons of holes in it.

Also, Doctor Strange is not my favorite Avenger. He’s one of the lesser-known or thought-of Avengers and isn’t someone I really like to watch on screen.

At the end? I give this movie a 3-star rating.

Luca Lane

Watch Out! Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will be available on Paramount+ this May

A new television show named Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will be out on the Paramount+ video streaming service this week. The new television show will be out on Thursday, May 5.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a new television series about Christopher Pike. Christopher Pike is the predecessor of the young Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

Captain James Tiberius Kirk is the star of the Star Trek: Reboot movies. The actor named Chris Pine plays James Tiberius Kirk in the Star Trek: Reboot films.

The actor who is named Anson Mount plays the character who is named Captain Pike. In this show, Anson is a younger version of the Captain Pike that the audience has grown to know from the newer Star Trek: Reboot films.

Rebecca Romijn plays the character named Una Chin-Riley. Una Chin-Riley is Captain Pike’s Lieutenant, or his “Number One.” Ethan Peck plays the familiar character that many old-school Star Trek fans are vastly familiar with… Spock.

I love the Star Trek: Reboot world. Captain Pike is one of my favorite actors in the “Reboot” films. He is a person who I feel does not get enough screen time.

I think it is great that Paramount+ has created a new series that explores Captain Pike’s space explorations before the young Captain Kirk is even in his nappies.

Will you check-out Star Trek: Strange New Worlds this May?

Luca Lane

Celebrate Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with these movies

It is the month of May. That means that spring has finally arrived. It also means that it is time to celebrate Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. This month used to be known as Asian-American Heritage Month but was changed to include other Asian-Americans who more closely associate themselves as Pacific Islanders.

There are recent new stories out there that talk about how Asian-Americans are dealing with racial hatred and bigotry in the each of these peoples’ communities.

For whatever reason, we need to unite and we need to come together as Americans… even as non-traditional Americans who’s ancestry is connected to the East.

There are many great movies out there that showcase Asians and that showcase Asian-Americans. Here are a list of five great movies that you can enjoy on this month.

You may have heard of some of these movies, while others may be new to you. Check them out for yourself. You might be surprised at what you see.

  1. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

The movie named “Crazy Rich Asians” is a great film to watch on this month. “Crazy Rich Asians” is about a young woman named Rachel Chu.

Rachel Chu is a graduate student from New York University. She has a wonderful boyfriend named Nick Young. Nick invites Rachel to travel with him back home to attend his cousins’ wedding. Rachel is thrilled. But there’s a secret that he has hidden from her…

Nick Young is a billionaire. He is from a rich and a posh world where money is only an arm’s reach away.

This is a great movie for its cinematic scope. You get to see the world of the East from a new perspective. There is abundance, wealth, and beauty in Nick’s world. And Rachel must learn to be a part of it all.

I really enjoyed this movie. This is a great romance movie at its heart. I think it is something that many women will enjoy.

2. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

The movie named “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is a great movie for a younger audience.

This movie is about a Korean-American girl who is named Lara Jean Covey. Lara Jean is a person who feels emotions intensely. Every time she falls for a guy in a true and a soul-crushing way, she decides to write a letter to the boy-in-question. Lara Jean never plans to send out the letters.

Writing down her thoughts and her feelings helps her to better understand herself and what she is feeling inside.

However, the letters are mailed out. And, suddenly, Lara Jean is the center of attention. There are two letters that are sent out to boys that Lara Jean knows in some way.

The first letter is sent out to Josh. Josh is the ex-boyfriend of her older sister named Margo Covey. The second letter is sent out to Peter Kavinsky. Peter Kavinsky is a cool and a charming boy from her high-school.

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is about a nice girl figuring it out. It is about romance. It is about taking chances. And it is about first love.

So, who does Lara Jean pick?

Check-out the movie to see.

3. Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

The movie named “Memoirs of a Geisha” takes you to the past in another world. It takes you to the past in the country of Japan.

In the beginning of the movie, a young girl leaves home and is taken to the city of Kyoto. The young girl is named Chiyo Sakamoto. Chiyo gets the chance to be a geisha. However, the road to fame and to fortune as a geisha is not an easy one for her to travel.

Once Chiyo is accepted into the world of the geisha, she is assigned a new name. Her new name is Sayuri Nita. Sayuri becomes a popular and a famous geisha. And her new life is a far cry from who she once was as a young girl.

“Memoirs of a Geisha” is a moving movie. It is a haunting movie. It is a great movie to watch if you are in the mood for something that will show you another time and another world.

I really loved this movie. Watch it if you want to watch something new, something different, and something special.

4. Mulan (2020)

Mulan is a live-action movie based off of the Disney cartoon movie of the same name. Mulan is about a Chinese girl who decides to go to war to replace her father as a soldier. Mulan is a strong, a smart, and a brave girl. She faces unbelievable odds to save herself, her father, and her country.

The actress named Liu Yifei is Mulan. The movie is outstanding because of Liu Yifei’s great acting chops. She plays the character of Mulan beautifully.

There are also beautifully filmed scenes in this movie. There are scenes where Mulan fights her enemies with grace and with strength.

There are also great cinematic scenes where the townspeople of Mulan’s small village wear bright and colorful costumes. The costumes add character to the Chinese people in the film.

Watch Mulan if you want to see her “bring honor to us all.”

5. The Joy Luck Club (1993)

The Joy Luck Club is a sleeper-hit that maybe unknown to most people. The Joy Luck Club is a movie about eight women: four Chinese-Americans and four of those women’s mothers. The four Chinese-Americans are: Waverly, Rose, Lena, and June.

The four girls are raised by the women’s four Chinese mothers. The mothers are serious, smart, and fiesty women. They are four mothers who have skeletons hidden in each one of the women’s closets and buried deep in each one of the women’s hearts.

The Joy Luck Club travels back-and-forth between the lives of the four daughters to the lives of the daughters’ mothers. It showcases the fear, the pain, and the struggles that the mothers went through when they were young women who lived in China.

It also showcases the deep emotions, the sadness, and the discomfort that the four daughters go through as Chinese-Americans in the new country that they live in named America.

The Joy Luck Club is a truly somber movie that talks about serious topics. It moves at a slow pace. However, there is something about it that is sad, emotional… and unforgettable.

You should give this movie a shot this month. If not now, then, when?

I hope that you check-out some of these movies in the month of May. Spring is a time for new beginnings and for new experiences. This may be the right time for you to check-out a movie that you may have never heard of before.

Luca Lane

Celebrate this Earth Day by watching these movies

There are many things going on in this crazy world. One of the things that is happening in our world is the current climate change crisis. Climate change is when pollution and greenhouse gas emissions cause a rise in the temperature of Earth.

This is the cause of the strange storms, hurricanes, and monsoons that seem to plague us now in the 2000’s era. Another important crisis that we face is the issue of dirty and unclean water.

Due to this, it is important to remember that today is Earth Day. On this day we need to remember to limit our pollution and our trash outtake.

It is also a day where we should strive to limit our carbon footprint. That means that we should strive to walk, bike, or roller-blade to where we need to go to today. If we do these things, then we will limit the amount of carbon monoxide that escapes into our atmosphere from things like cars, buses, and trains.

There is another way that we can commemorate Earth Day. We can also remember Earth Day by watching movies that touch on the issue-in-question.

So, here are my list of five great movies to watch this Earth Day. Enjoy.

  1. After Earth (2013)

After Earth is a great movie to watch this Earth Day. After Earth is about two men: Cypher Rage and Kitai Rage. Cypher Rage is the father of Kitai Rage. Cypher Rage is played by Will Smith. Kitai Rage is played by Will Smith’s son named Jaden Smith.

After Earth is about Cypher and Kitai. The two live in a society that left Earth years ago. They travel in a spaceship that crashes on Earth. However, Earth is not the world that it used to be. The world is overgrown with plants, wild animals, and regions with extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures.

Cypher and Kitai must overcome difficult circumstances through the two’s strength, determination, and tenacity to reach safety. They must overcome a new world that is far from the planet that it once was to make it home.

2. Avatar (2009)

The next movie that I want to talk to you about now is named Avatar. Avatar is about a soldier who is named Jacob Sully (or Jake Sully). Jacob Sully is a paraplegic. He is not able to use his legs to walk. Instead, he uses a wheelchair.

Jake volunters to be a part of a government program. This program is an experiment that will take the mind of a person and, then, move it to the mind of another body… an avatar body.

In this movie, Jake Sully is a retired American soldier. He learns that the American military plans to colonize a strange new world.

On this world are tall blue aliens that are unlike human beings. The program that Jake is a part of has a plan to take Jake’s mind away from its body. Then, his mind will be transfered to an avatar body that is similar to the body of the aliens on the strange new planet. Jake’s mission is to learn about the aliens on the wild and lush planet so that American soldiers can be better able to colonize the world.

This movie showcases a world that is wild, foreign, and beautiful. It shows us a world that is filled with greenery and life. Perhaps one day Earth can be filled with more green and lush regions like the ones that are showcased on this film.

3. Erin Brockovich (2000)

Erin Brockovich is about a woman of the same name. Erin is a mom who must find a job that pays enough for her to live off of. Erin stumbles into a new job at a law firm.

While at this new job, Erin discovers a situation that she feels her law firm can do something about. Erin discovers a town with a chemical plant nearby. The chemical plant pollutes the water with dangerous chemicals. As a result, the people of the town are now sick with various stages of cancer.

Erin takes this situation and informs her boss named Ed Masery of what is going on. Masery agrees to sue the chemical plant. He uses Erin to unite the town against the business giant and to move his legal plans forward.

This movie is a movie with heart and soul. It also talks about a situation where a national conglomerate pollutes the water of a town. The company does so without any consideration of the lasting effects that it has on the community nearby. It is a heart-wrenching movie that I think everyone should see.

4. An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

The next film that I want to talk about is not a movie but a documentary. The documentary is named An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore is the former presidential candidate in the 2000 presidential election in the United States of America. He is the spokesperson of this documentary.

An Inconvenient Truth is not a documentary to be taken lightly. It is not a funny comedy or an exciting adventure story. This documentary is about the serious issues that people face on Earth today due to climate change.

In this documentary, Al Gore talks about how the pollution on Earth has caused the planet to suffer. In certain regions, ice is melting. In other regions, great bodies of water are decreasing in size. This documentary takes a hard look at what is going on in the world because of climate change. It is filled with information and cold-hard facts.

If you chose to watch An Inconvenient Truth, then, get ready to receive heart-stopping information… information that will make you think twice about throwing away your empty coffe cup in the trash instead of in the recycling bin.

5. Sky High (2005)

Sky High is a fun movie that I think many people will enjoy… especially with your family. The movie is about a boy named William Stronghold. William Stronghold is going to go to a high-school named Sky High: a high-school for future super-heroes and for the future-super-heroes’ sidekicks.

Sky High has a cast of young super-heroes who can all do strange and powerful things. Will Stronghold is unsure of what he can do initially… but as things progress he grows into his new powers. In time, he learns that he can do more than what he could ever dream of.

Will has a close friend and a love-interest who is named Layla. Layla is kind, thoughtful, and smart. She has the power to instantly grow plants into tall trees, wild vines, and poisonous flowers. Layla’s power may make it seem like all she can be is a side-kick to someone’s super-hero.

But as the movie goes on viewers watch as she proves everyone wrong.

Earth Day is an important day for all of us to remember. If you watch some of these movies, then, you can commemorate this day.

And it can also remind you to throw that coffe cup away where it really belongs.

Luca Lane

Review: Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022)


The Harry Potter franchise ended around ten years ago. However, the Wizarding World is still alive in all of us. It is also still alive on the silver screen. Warner Brothers recently released the third movie in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them franchise. The movie is named Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.

In this film, we see our old friends: Newt Scamander and Jacob Kowaski. In this film, Newt and Jacob are working together again. Albus Dumbledore is a current professor of Hogwarts. He plans to defeat the current most magically dangerous person around… the wizard named Gellert Grindelwald. And those two familiar faces are a part of Dumbledore’s plans.

One of the best things in this movie are all of the things that the audience gets to learn about Albus Dumbeldore. We learn more about why he can not actively go against Gellert Grindelwald. We also discover more about his relationship with Grindelwald. These things in the movie are not explored in the Harry Potter books in detail.

The next great thing about this movie is the new cast of characters in the film. Everyone has his or her own role to play to stop Grindelwald’s plan to take over the Wizarding World. Everyone knows what to do… and they do it with fortitude.

Finally, there are also some funny parts in the movie that will make you smile. These moments are hilarious moments in a somewhat dark film.

There are still two more movies in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them franchise. I can’t wait to see them. We may learn even more about Dumbledore in those movies.

And, of course, it’s always great to see Hogwarts.

In conclusion: I give this movie a 5-star rating. My recommendation is to watch it as soon as you can.

Luca Lane

Here’s a list of great movies for Women’s History Month this March

It is the month of March. This month is Women’s History Month here in the United States of America. Women’s History Month is an important time to remember strong and capable women who effect America.

Sometimes it may seem like this world is controlled by men. Men control politics. Men control Hollywood. Men control Wallstreet. But the truth is this: men need to make space for women out there. Women are smart. They are driven. They can achieve anything that a man can achieve… all before five o’clock when dinner needs to be set on the kitchen table.

Here is a list of five movies that are about strong women. These movies are something to inspire you to believe in women as they try to make their place in the world… regardless of the gender-norms and pitfalls that may be out there:

  1. Little Women (2019)

“Little Women” is a wonderful movie for any young woman out there. “Little Women” is based-off of a book of the same name. The book is written by the author named Louisa May Alcott.

“Little Women” is about four young woman who grow-up during the Civil War era. The four girls are named Meg March (or Margaret March), Jo March (or Josephine March), Amy March (or Amelia March), and Beth March (or Elizabeth March.) The four women struggle to live and to thrive without their father. Their father is a soldier in the War. The fours’ mother, who they call “Marmee,” is the center of the family’s lives at home.

Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth are smart, thoughtful, and determined girls. They have big dreams. They have big hopes. The question is whether or not the world is ready for them all.

“Little Women” is an enjoyable movie to watch. I think many women will love this movie if they give-it-a-shot.

2. Blue Crush (2002)

The movie named “Blue Crush” is very different from the previous movie that I mentioned above. However, it does have one thing in common. It is a movie that stars strong, fierce, and passionate women.

“Blue Crush” is about a young woman named Anne-Marie Chadwick. Anne-Marie loves to surf. She loves to surf with her two best girl-friends named Eden and Lena. She also has a younger sister who is named Penny Chadwick. Anne-Marie takes care of Penny.

Anne-Marie hopes to surf at a surfing contest that may be exactly what she needs to turn her life around. But can Anne-Marie do what she wants to do at the surfing contest despite trauma from a past fall off of her surf board?

This is a great movie that showcases a woman’s ability to lead in sports… despite what anyone else says or thinks.

3. A League of their Own (1992)

“A League of their Own” is an older movie that was made in the 1990’s era. However, it is still a great classic movie that high-lights what women can do.

“A League of their Own” is about two women: Dottie Hanson and Kit (Katherine) Hanson. Dottie and Kit are scouted for a new baseball league. This league will be for women only. Kit is excited to be a part of the baseball league… Dottie is hesitant to join. After some convincing, Dottie agrees to join the league with Kit.

In the end, Dottie and Kit’s lives diverge from one another. Kit loves to play baseball for the women’s league. However, Dottie wants to focus on having a family and on starting a home.

This movie high-lights different paths that women’s lives can take if they so choose. It is also a great movie about baseball.

4. Bend It like Beckham (2002)

“Bend it Like Beckham” is another movie that focuses on women and on sports. “Bend it Like Beckham” is about a British-Indian girl. Her name is Jess. Jess loves soccer (though the sport is named “football” in Great Britain.) Jess is asked to join a women’s soccer league that is only for women. Jess is excited for the opportunity.

However, Jess’ family are not. The idea of Jess playing for this women’s soccer league goes against her family’s wishes for Jess.

A girl on the team who is named Jules convinces Jess to strike-out despite her parents’ wishes for her. Jess makes her way on the women’s soccer team. And it is everything that she could dream of.

This movie is another great one that showcases the fact that women can do what men can do… if they are just given the chance to do so.

5. Mona Lisa Smile (2003)

“Mona Lisa Smile” is a different movie than “Blue Crush” and “Bend it Like Beckham.” It is about women in academics… not women in sports. However, it has a similar idea behind it. “Mona Lisa Smile” is about women doing what they need to do to win out there in the world.

“Mona Lisa Smile” is about three women. First, there are two women who are students at Wellesley College. Wellesley College is a women’s only college. There is Joan Brandwin. Next, there is Bettie Warren. The two are driven women who are students at Wellesley College.

Finally, there is the two’s professor. She is new to Wellesley College. Her name is Katherine Anne Watson.

Katherine Anne Watson hopes to teach at Wellesley College to mold and to shape the minds of young ladies. Joan and Bettie are two such students. However, Bettie wants a traditional path after college. She hopes to get married and to set-up a home with her husband.

Joan has the opportunity to make-it at Harvard Law School if she chooses to apply. However, that means that her life with her new husband will have to be put on hold.

Both Joan and Bettie are shaped by Katherine Anne Watson’s teachings. And the two’s lives are changed forever.

I hope you check-out some of these movies in this month of March. These movies are strong female-centric movies that can inspire you to achieve great things. They are also movies that can help to break-down old stereotypes that place women in a box.

The fact of the matter is… women can do it all. They always could… and they will continue to do so.

Luca Lane

Today is President’s Day… enjoy these movies and television shows to celebrate the day

Today is President’s Day. President’s Day is an important day because it is the time for us to remember and reflect back on our country’s prominent leaders. There are a number of great movies and television shows for you to watch to commemorate this day. Check down below to see what I have in store for you:

  1. The West Wing (1999 to 2006)

The West Wing is a television show that ran from between the years of 1999 to 2006. There were seven seasons of this television show. Martin Sheen played the President of the United States… a man named Josiah “Jed” Bartlett.

The West Wing was a fast-paced, quick-talking television show that showcased different issues that may rise-up during someone’s time in-office. The television show was smart and dealt with many complicated modern events. It is a great show to start to watch on President’s Day. I highly recommend it.

2. The American President (1995)

The American President is the next movie that I would like to suggest for you to watch today. The American President stars Michael Douglas and Annette Bening.

Michael Douglas plays Andrew Shepard who is the President of the United States of America. Annette Bening plays Sydney Ellen Wade. Sydney Ellen Wade is a political lobbyist who the president views as a love interest.

In this movie, Andrew Shepard is a widow. His wife died during his campaign to be president. Shepard feels it is time to start to date despite that fact that he is in office.

Enter Sydney Ellen Wade. Sydney Ellen Wade is a smart and a resourceful political lobbyist that Andrew Shepard notices immediately. Shepard decides to pursue her despite the news and the paparazzi that always have something to say.

This is a great movie to watch. There is both parts politics and love in this movie. Sydney Ellen Wade is a smart and a confident woman. She is the type of woman that a president would surely be interested to date seriously.

Check-out this film if you want to watch a romantic movie with a touch of pomp-and-circumstance.

3. Dave (1993)

Dave is a great comedy movie. Dave is about a man named Dave who looks exactly like the President of the Untied States. The President of the Untied States is a man named Bill Mitchell. One night he has a heart-attack. The president is placed in a coma. The president’s advisors decide to hide that fact. They turn to Dave. They ask him if he can impersonate the president while he rests somewhere unknown.

Dave is kind-hearted, honest, and real. He is a step-up from the old president. He wants to help Americans everywhere. He wants to change the status-quo. But what happens when the old President Bill Mitchell wakes-up from his coma?

This movie is a great oldie with a lot of heart. I think you should watch this film as soon as you have a chance to do so.

4. Jackie (2016)

Jackie is a somber look at a strong and brave woman named Jacqueline Kennedy. John F. Kennedy is the 35th President of the United States of America. Jacqueline Kennedy was the wife of John F. Kennedy, otherwise known as The First Lady of the United States of America.

This movie is about Jacqueline Kennedy during the first days that her husband was the president. It also follows Jacqueline Kennedy during her husband’s assassination and also the following days after that tragic event.

Jackie is a touching film about The First Lady’s strength and tenacity at a difficult time for her and for everyone in America. It is a haunting film that will follow you around for days after you watch it.

5. Thirteen Days (2001)

Thirteen Days is a film that is about John F. Kennedy at a momentous time of his presidency. John F. Kennedy is informed that a set of missile are placed in Cuba. The missiles are sent there by Russia. The missiles long-range capabilities are able to reach Washington, D.C. despite the missiles’ distance from the capital of America. It is John F. Kennedy’s job to de-escalate the situation… and to save America from a possible nuclear war with Russia.

Thirteen Days is a snapshot of John F. Kennedy’s presidency during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It shows his political acumen and negotiation skills while under-fire. It shows how he and his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, work together to end the Cuban Missile Crisis without any America casualties.

Thirteen Days is a highly political movie that I think people can enjoy if they want to get into the heart of politics as-it-is in Washington, D.C. It is a picture of a fast-paced world where anything can happen… and where things usually do.

I hope you enjoy President’s Day with your friends and with your family. It is the time to sit-back and to relax while you watch one of these great films.

Have a good one.

Luca Lane

Review: Spencer (2021)


The movie named “Spencer” was a sad and harrowing take on the late-Princess Diana of Wales. The title of the film is based-off of Princess Diana’s maiden name before she married Prince Charles of Wales. Diana was set to be the future-Queen-of-England after her wedding to Prince Charles. Princess Diana of Wales became her new official title once she was married to Prince Charles.

However, she faced an untimely demise in a car chase that was led by the paparazzi.

“Spencer” is a picture of Princess Diana before Christmas Day, during Christmas Day, and after Christmas Day. Diana is a tragic figure. She deals with anorexia, bulimia, and the stifling restrictions placed on her by her position as the future-Queen-of-England. She also deals with her husband’s affair with a woman named Camilla… an affair that no one wishes to speak about in more than a few words.

“Spencer” is a sad look at Diana’s life before she passed-on. The cinematography in this movie is great. The music in the movie sets the ambiance for the film. You can feel Diana’s intense and dark emotions through the music.

One thing that the movie also highlights is Diana’s love for her two children named Prince William of Wales and Prince Harry of Wales. Despite Diana’s dark emotions she loves her children. She wants what is best for them in the strict world that they live all in.

Kristen Stewart is the actress that is “Diana.” She does a great job on the film. She plays Diana as a sensitive, an intense, and a conflicted person. Kristen Stewart was given an Academy Award nomination for her role in this film. This is Kristen Stewart’s first Academy Award nomination.

I give this movie a 4-star rating. It was touching and tragic in its own way.

Luca Lane

Black History Month films for you to watch with your family

February is Black History Month. There are a lot of different ways for you to celebrate this month with your family. One of the ways that you can do so is by checking-out some movies that are focused on African-American protagonists and movies that are about African-American issues.

Below is a list of four movies that I think you can enjoy watching with your own family.

  1. Dear White People (2017)

Dear White People is a satiric movie. The movie is about a young woman named Sam (or Samantha.) This young woman is an active presence at her college campus. She talks about different African-American issues that different black people face everyday on campus on her college’s talk-radio show. One of the issues that she faces is the fact that she must deal with her friends’ attitudes about her own inter-racial relationship.

2. Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse (2018)

The cartoon-movie named Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse is a hidden gem. I think many young people will enjoy this movie. This movie is about an African-American boy named Miles Morales. Miles is Spider-Man… in his universe.

Miles encounters other Spider-men from other worlds. He meets Peter Parker… the Spider-Man that most viewers are familiar with. He also meets Gwen Stacey who is Spider-Woman… a girl who knows how to hang-out with the guys.

3. Akeelah and the Bee (2006)

Akeelah and the Bee is a movie about a young African-American girl who works hard to be the Spelling Bee champ above all others. She meets a mentor who helps her to succeed. Akeelah and the Bee is a movie with heart and soul.

If you have a young child, then, this may be the film to encourage him or her to do well in school. It is also a heart-warming movie that you can relax and enjoy together.

4. The Princess and the Frog (2009)

The Princess and the Frog is a ground-breaking cartoon-movie about a young African-American woman named Tiana. Tiana’s dream is to own her own business. One night at a party she encounters a frog that talks back to her. The frog is a prince who is transformed into the creature that he is at that moment.

Tiana agrees to kiss the frog so that she can help to change it back into a human. However, something unexpected happens. Tiana changes into a frog just like him.

The Princess and the Frog is a fun movie for you to watch with your young daughter or your niece. You should definitely give-it-a-shot.

I hope you have a great Black History Month.

Luca Lane

Watch out! A New Must-Watch Television Show will be released in September

There is a new fantasy television show that will be released on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is a television streaming service that is owned by the company named Amazon.

This television show is named The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. This television show is set after The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will not showcase the older characters from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. There will be a whole new ensemble cast of characters on the television show.

This is what Amazon Prime Video said about this new television show: “Beginning in a time of relative peace, we follow an ensemble cast of characters as they confront the re-emergence of evil to Middle-earth. From the darkest depths of the Misty Mountains, to the majestic forests of Lindon, to the breathtaking island kingdom of Númenor, to the furthest reaches of the map, these kingdoms and characters will carve out legacies that live on long after they are gone.”

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will be released on September 2022. If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings movies or books, then, you should look out for this television show.

The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is based-off of a book series of the same name. The book series is written by a man named J.R.R. Tolkien (or John Ronald Reul Tolkien.) It is a well-known and well-loved book series by many fantasy fans.

I am eager to watch this television series when it comes out on Amazon Prime Video this up-coming September.

Luca Lane